Announcing Reewardio Bounty Launch With A Massive Giveaway


The innovating Enjin-based rewarding platform launches today in beta version at 2 PM UTC.

We have collaborated with Reewardio to launch a massive giveaway with 100 “Aurora Dragons” and 50.000 Rio Tokens worth 2,000$ for 500 Winners!

Aurora Dragon is a specially minted token exclusively for, It’s playable in Forgotten Artifacts with more Multiverse games to integrate it in the future. It’s also part of the Reewardio platform and it offers a 25% discount on Subscription Tokens.

Rio token will be the primary currency within Bounty. It’s a generational coin, meaning that it’s minted in sets, just like FIAT currencies. It can be used on games, items, and discounts. Starting with, the first generation of RIO tokens will be 1,000,000 in supply with its inscription of 2019.001.

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The Reewardio Bounty Launch

It’s a great day for the Enjin Ecosystem as the world’s first blockchain-based rewarding platform will open its gates to online stores and retailers who would like to reward their loyal customers with one-of-a-kind tokens that offer perpetual rewards, discounts and much more, forever!

Reewardio is built not only to empower the customer-loyalty sector, but also to boost the exposure of the Enjin ecosystem which is making moves outside the gaming sector with Reewardio.

In the official announcement post, Reewardio states that it will continue to onboard entrepreneurs and companies, showing to the world how customer rewarding should be.

As a beta version, not all features will be available but the roadmap contains plenty of great additions and by keeping in mind the professional team behind this project, we are sure that they will be delivered on time, if not earlier.

Here’s is what to expect from Reewardio Beta:

  • Earn Rio via Gleam and Givelab giveaways.
  • Buy digital assets and earn Rio via Commerce store.
  • Use your Rio to spin the ENJ HUNT wheel.
  • Collect ENJ HUNT tokens and craft an ENJ Ingot (1,000 $ENJ).
  • Use your Rio to craft tokenized discounts.
  • Link your Enjin Wallet and deposit blockchain assets.

The Reewardio Roadmap:

  • Link your Enjin Wallet and withdraw blockchain assets  (Q4, 2019)
  • In-app quests & bounties (Q1, 2020)
  • Forgotten Artifacts integration (Q1, 2020)
  • Asset & Quest SDK (Q1, 2020)
  • Multiverse quests (Q1, 2020)
  • In-app minting: mint your own blockchain rewards (Q2, 2020)
  • builder: build your own loyalty platform (Q2, 2020)

Services To Be Implemented With More Funding:

  • Wordpress extension (Q2, 2020)
  • Mobile app (Q3, 2020)
  • Ecommerce integrations (Q3, 2020)
  • Social Media integrations (Q4, 2020)

Introducing Commerce

The company understands very well that not everyone can get familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets. Let’s face the truth, crypto is geeky stuff, we can’t expect people to understand the whole process, which, sometimes, can be very difficult.

That’s why we need to build invisible bridges that people will accidentally stumble across, and this is what Reewardio is doing with Commerce, a blockchain asset shopping cart integration that allows anyone to create their own ENJ-Backed items store.

Check out this video and learn more. Commerce: Subscription Token Sale

This is a big opportunity for companies and individuals to profit out of Reewardio. Whether you are a shop owner or a crypto enthusiast, Reewardio allows you to purchase heavily discounted tokenized subscriptions for only 45$ with a ton of extra added bonuses.

image 43 The innovating Enjin-based rewarding platform launches today in beta version at 2 PM UTC.

The company is offering Crates that contain subscriptions valued at 65$, 295$ and 995$ for only 45$. This is a limited time offer and anyone can participate. Moreover, the following bonuses will be given.

  • 500 bonus Rio: Bounty Coin tokens awarded with every crate.
  • 1,000 Founder of Rio City Tokens (Hunters of Rio: multiverse quest characters) awarded to the top 1,000 contributors.
  • 100 Boss of Rio City Tokens  (Hunters of Rio: multiverse quest characters) awarded to the top 100 contributors.
  • 10 God of Rio City Tokens (Hunters of Rio: multiverse quest characters) awarded to the top 10 contributors.
  • 216 Bonus Subscription Tokens awarded to the top 90 contributors.
image 45 The innovating Enjin-based rewarding platform launches today in beta version at 2 PM UTC.

Learn more about Reewardio by visiting its official website or read this explanatory article.

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