Snoop Dogg Grows Weed in a GTA-Style Metaverse Game

Snoop Dogg Introduces Digital Weed Farming In MOBLAND

Representing the world’s first mafia-themed metaverse MOBLAND Metaverse will pioneer in the digital weed industry by forming an agreement with the notorious rapper Snoop Dogg also famous for its weed campaigns.

Snoop Dogg will happily combine his love for marijuana and NFTs by partnering up with MOBLAND, reassuring he will help bring interactive digital marijuana farms into the game as a new earn mechanic.

Snoop Dogg Limited Edition NFTs

The MOBLAND Metaverse will launch this opportunity through a series of utilities for businesses and land. Following that, MOBLAND will provide its users tired of growing marijuana illegally with a chance to create a legitimate business within the metaverse and also provide them with limited-edition collection of Snoop Dogg weed farm NFTs.


The MOBLAND venture represents the world’s first Mafia-themed metaverse with a cross-chain approach. Moreover, the team wants to introduce GameFi 20, further enhancing the gamification appeal of decentralized finance. The MOBLAND ecosystem is run as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), ensuring the community drives the project forward. 

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