SYMBIOGENESIS: A Square Enix Global NFT Collectible Art Project

According to Square Enix, "Parasite Eve" will not return.
SYMBIOGENESIS: A Square Enix Global NFT Collectible Art Project

Following the trademark Square Enix filed for “SYMBIOGENESIS” on October 13 in Japan, many rumors have spread across the industry regarding a potential “Parasite Eve” return.

Many community members from the Square Enix franchise thought the trademark filed was closely related to “Parasite Eve,” a 1998 action RPG developed and published by Square Enix.

 Square Enix tweeted, SYMBIOGENESIS will be an NFT collectible art project coming to our lives in Spring 2023. The community was disappointed about the news as they thought it would be a revival of the 1998 action RPG.

According to the official Square Enix PR about SYMBIOGENESIS will be:

A brand-new entertainment content set in a self-contained world where a wide cast of characters symbiosis, all of which can be collected as digital art; an interactive story and a dedicated community. The art can be used for social media profile pictures (PFP) and as a character in a story that takes place in an alternate world where the player can ’untangle’ a mystery by completing missions that revolve around questions of the monopolization and distribution of resources. With each strategic move players make, more of the story unfolds.

Square Enix