CryptoSpells Card Sale Starts Tomorrow

Cryptospells Card Sale Starts Tommorow. Join the presale and claim NFTs playable in multiple MCH+ games.

The second card sale of the Japanese blockchain card trading game CryptoSpells starts tomorrow. Participants can purchase Legendary and Gold cards that will be fully playable in the game as well as the MCH+ ecosystem. Read our Crypto Spells Review In the previous sale, CryptoSpells managed to gather 600 ETH on the first day only. The …

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Cryptospells: The review

Cryptospells is the latest Japanese blockchain trading card game and is part of the MCH+ program as well. They have achieved 600 ETH in card sales on the first day of presale and over 800 ETH in card sales to date. Their crowdsale began on 25th June and will end on 9th July. Currently, Cryptospells …

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