Cryptospells: The review

Cryptospells is the latest Japanese blockchain trading card game and is part of the MCH+ program as well. They have achieved 600 ETH in card sales on the first day of presale and over 800 ETH in card sales to date. Their crowdsale began on 25th June and will end on 9th July. Currently, Cryptospells has over 8000 players with over 170k battles concluded. Due to MCH+, cards in Cryptospells will be made usable in MCH as an extension.

Cryptospells released 8 unique cards with special rarities during their crowdsale. 2 limited legend, 3 legend and 3 gold cards are available for purchase with SPL. SPL in the in-game currency for Cryptospells and can be bought using ETH.

Fortunately, besides direct purchasing, there are other ways to earn cards as well! Firstly, by signing up using our this link, you will be able to claim 20 cards right away. Another way is by battling others to gain points to level up. When a player levels up, he will gain a ticket which entitles the player to mine a card. Every ticket will allow a player to receive a card. Click on the card tab then go to mining to open cards using your tickets.

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However, cards that are mined are only of silver and bronze rarity. Only silver and above rarity will be able to be converted into NFTs. Under the mining tab will show all the cards which a player will be able to acquire by using tickets.

If you navigate to the user page, you will be able to see your current statistics. As of now, the level cap has been increased to 9999 which means players will have lots of chances to acquire silver cards through mining. Levelling up isn’t that tough either and you even get points even though you lose a battle.

What every player should at least do is to complete the first 3 battles of each day to gain a lot of tickets quickly. After clicking on the free battle option in the battle tab, you will be directed to a page to select your deck.

Each of the leaders will have points allocated to them according to the amount of deck usage by all players in Cryptospells. The lesser a particular type of deck is used, the higher the points given if a player chooses the deck and wins. So for this instance if I were to pick the white deck and win my battle, I will gain 88 points. If it was during the first 3 battles of the day and I used all bronze cards as well, the total points will be 88*1.5*5 which is 660 points. A loss will get me 40% which is still a huge 264 points. You will be able to check out your level and total battle points in the user tab.

As you can see I have a total of 5043 battle points which gets me to level 51 so by using the multipliers I can easily gain a lot of levels no matter the battle result.

Before heading straight into battle, it will be good if you could read up on some of the card abilities of each colour to decide which deck you will like to use during battle. Head over to the card tab and click deck.

From here, all the cards available for you to use in any particular deck can be seen and filtered. Although winning with a deck with a lower use rate will get you more points per victory, you should try to pick a deck to suit your playstyle and aim to win the first 3 battle of the day.

In the battle phase after selecting your deck type, you will be given a choice to pick 1 of 2 cards unique to the deck you chose.

The card you select will automatically be placed in your starting hand. You will then be asked to keep or replace your starting draw.

After you have done that you will be directed to the battle screen.

For new players, the timer for each round might be a little fast so you might take some time to get used to it. Here are some controls of the game.

  • Click on the card to see its ability
  • Double click or drag the card onto the battlefield to summon/use it
  • Drag a card to a target to attack or use its ability
  • Every player starts with 25LP(lifepoints) and loses the battle when LP reaches zero
  • Blue hexagon represents attack red hexagon represents HP of a card
  • Black circle represent the MP cost of the card
  • MP starts at 1 and will increase by 1 each turn with a maximum cap of 10
  • Blue line in the middle represents the timer of each turn

After collecting lots of tickets and exchanging them for cards, you might have a lot of excess bronze as well. Head over to the market tab then click SPL then sell the bronze.

Each bronze is valued at 2SPL and you can only mass sell all your surplus bronze cards. With a higher level card of each user now, you will be able to sell bronze and try to acquire higher rarity cards by purchasing them using SPL.


Cryptospells is easy to pick up and lots of fun too. It is a much faster pace than many crypto card games out there due to so this will be great for players who don’t like opponents who take a long time each turn. They are constantly adding more cards to their card base and players can indeed keep this free to play as well. Under the initiative of MCH+, NFTs in Cryptospells will be super valuable and this is a good time to acquire more cards before the game gets even bigger. A lot of the news and information on Cryptospells is in Japanese but they have English support in their discord as well.

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