Two Special Events in Battle Racers

Battle Racers

In addition to the season1 crate sale, BattleRacers is hosting two special events similar to the previous Axie Infinity Crates Sale. As a reminder Battle Racers is already available to play so any parts purchased now are instantly available in the game. CryptoKitties crate sale The first event is taking place today (December 11, 2019, …

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Blockade Games Release Game Development Platform

Blockade Games, known for the upcoming title “Neon District” recently announced their own game developer platform! The development platform does not rely on a new blockchain, Blockade builds a bridge between blockchains, dapps, services, and games. The main goal is to eliminate user friction points and scale it to millions of players at the same …

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Neon District Releases Waiting List Prior Their Founder’s Key NFT Sale

Neon District is one of the hottest upcoming crypto games taking place in the dystopian Future.  Think of it as hybrid card-based RPG and MMO with true item ownership. In Neon District players will enjoy unique gameplay which requires strategy and of course, thinking, to overcome the opponent. Players will collect unique ERC-721 cards that …

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