The Gotchiverse Halloween Contest is Here!

Participate in the contest and get rewarded with a 10,000 $GHST prize pool.
The Gotchiverse Halloween Contest is Here!

Spooky friends, Aavegotchi, a DeFi P2E game, has announced the start of another Halloween celebration for Gotchiverse!

Aavegotchi Halloween Contest 

In order to celebrate this year’s Halloween, a contest was declared by Pixelcraft Studios. The gaming studio’s contest will award the most decorated and beautiful parcels! The rules are simple:

  1. Craft Halloween decorations and utilize decorations, tiles, and Installations to create your best Halloween-themed Gotchiverse Parcel design.
  2. Submit a screenshot of your parcel(s) and provide the parcel ID(s) for all parcels used in your entry to gravy#0870 via Discord no later than Friday, October 28th at 10 am EST / 2 pm UTC. Entries submitted beyond the deadline will not be entered into the contest for a chance to win.
  3. Join the GotchiGang hangout in Discord on Saturday, October 29th, at 10 am EST / 2 pm UTC to celebrate Halloween and vote on the winners!

The number 100 is the number of available winners possible. The top 100 will be rewarded for their creativity, effort, and Alchemica spend!

In detail, three special prizes will be given out for the highest-ranked parcel in each size:

  • Top Spacious – 1000 GHST
  • Top Reasonable – 750 GHST
  • Top Humble – 500 GHST

The remaining prize pool will be distributed to the top 100 ranked parcels (including the three parcels above):

1st: 1000 GHST

2nd: 750 GHST

3rd: 500 GHST

4th: 300 GHST

5th: 200 GHST

6th-10th: 100 GHST

11th-100th: 50 GHST

Alongside the Halloween event, Aavegotchi introduced six new Halloween-themed decorations that have just hit the Crafting Table!

  1. Paampkin Trio (Pumpkins)
  2. Roflkin (Frog?)
  3. Scareye Crow (Crow)
  4. Gotchi Caandle (Candle)
  5. Sus Baatterfly (Butterfly)
  6. Skeledator (Skeleton)

These items will be available for crafting up until October 31st! Additionally, players that might use these new Halloween-based decorations will be able to win some $GHST.