The Sandbox Brings The Walking Dead in The Metaverse

The Sandbox Walking dead

Physical Sandboxes acts as playpen where children’s imagination meets creation. Similarly, The Sandbox is a popular, leading decentralized gaming world which provides a place to the gamers for entertainment, experimenting and of course, play!.

Today July 08, 2021, The Sandbox announced a partnership with Skybound Entertainment to bring The Walking Dead to the virtual world. They want to bring an authentic new experience of The Walking Dead game to The Sandbox metaverse of open gaming. 

To celebrate the partnership, The Sandbox has launched a giveaway campaign which will last for 8 days.

They have assured that their fans have never seen something like this before and this partnership will help the players obtain an extraordinarily customizable experience.  

Moreover, the map of Sandbox will allow the users to create their fan-made stories and adventures that feature the game items, characters, equipment, wearables and decorative digital assets from the franchise of The Walking Dead. 

The first step includes bringing The Walking Dead into the metaverse of The Sandbox. The teams will have the chance to get the pieces of real estate closer to the spot of Walking Dead. 

This step of bringing the franchise of The Walking Dead Comic Book to the metaverse of The Sandbox will offer the fans an incredible opportunity of playing, creating, inhabiting, socializing and interacting within the virtual gaming world.

This collaboration is all set to provide a whole new level of entertainment to the already exciting gaming metaverse. 

Fans can now step into the action-packed, and immersive gaming experience. They can also add their favorite skybound assets and characters to their favorite gaming worlds. 

The Skybound Entertainment is a content company of multiple platforms that works closely with the creators and IPs. The partnership in between this enterprise and the Sandbox will reap fruitful results for the gaming enthusiasts. 

The Sandbox is progressively selling the land plots, until today 52% of all lands have been sold.