Town Star Economy & Feature Updates

Updates in Town Star Game

Town Star has announced new updates for its game that are set to be added in the game over the next few months. 

Some of these updates were teased by the game, while some of them are entirely new. Let’s see what they’ve announced and how these updates will change the game.


Since the initial launch, Town Star has been creating hype about the in-game gems. Now, Gems can be used to buy in-game assets, as they will be an in-game currency.

You’ll be able to buy Gems exclusively with TOWN (currently the in-game token). 

Town Star has been eager to bring more exciting features to the game. Seeing how players enjoy their rewards and earn income from their in-game assets, the developers are now looking forward to bringing Gems (a new in-game currency) that will offer more fun and versatile ways to play the game and earn rewards. 

According to Town Star, the complete Gem mechanics will gradually be added to the game over the next six months, but Gems will roll out way sooner than that. 

When the brand new Gems roll out in the game, you’ll be able to buy these exclusively for TOWN. 

Note: Gems are not a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, but rather an in-game currency for Town Star. 

A Brand New Reward Distribution System

Town Star is looking forward to improving the game’s reward distribution system by changing the distribution method. 

Now, each NFT you own will have a point value instead of a fixed reward value of TOWN. Over time, the total reward distribution will decrease. This will make TOWN scarce in value and the holders will benefit from it. 

If you own a TOWN-earning in-game asset, your daily points will be sent into the share of TOWN rewards. The awarded ratio will decrease as TOWN becomes scarce with time. You can see the chart below to understand further what the future holds. 

image 13 Town Star has announced new updates for its game that are set to be added in the game over the next few months. 

Chart Shared By “Gala Games”

TOWN-earning NFTs Will Be Removed (temporarily) 

As the changes occur in the reward distribution system, all the TOWN-earning NFTs will be temporarily removed from the Store. 

The good news is that the TOWN-earning NFTs will be available to trade in the Peer-to-Peer marketplace such as Opensea. The players will have no difficulty utilizing the in-game assets in the game. 

All the TOWN-earning NFTs will be removed from the Store by the end of April. However, TOWN earnings will continue in the current distribution system. 

When the Point System Distribution Model is implemented, all the earnings will switch to this new model. 

TS Farm gala game town star nft p2e Town Star has announced new updates for its game that are set to be added in the game over the next few months. 
Town Star Economy & Feature Updates 30

More Features to Come

Besides the above-mentioned updates and features, Town Star will add more features to the game over several months. Some of these features are described below.

Town Star to Attract New Players

Town Star is running extensive marketing campaigns to bring more players to the game. 

Gala Games has asked the players to get ready as a new storm of players will join the community and make the game more interesting.

Market Board Lending System

The Market Board Lending System announced at the Into the GalaVerse event has been delayed until further notice. Town Star promises to bring this feature, but other features are now a priority for the developers. 

MAYhem (The Historic Town Star Tournament)

Gala Games is now increasing the Prize Pool to $2 Million. That’s double from last year’s Prize, which was $1 Million. 

There will be a special Town Star AMA held on April 19 at 7:30 PT, where you will be able to ask your questions directly to the Town Star developers. They will discuss the Roadmap and future aspects of the game. 

TownStar is a farming simulation game developed by Gala Games, the founder of Gala Games, Eric Schiermeyer was also a co-founder of Zynga Games, developers of the popular Facebook game FarmVille. The game currently runs in monthly play-to-earn tournaments and the rewards are based on the available NFTs each player holds.