Tribal Books Cards Sale Starts Today

Tribal Books Cards Sale

In Brief:

  • Tribal Books hosts today the first card sale.
  • Sale offers Limited Edition Cards in the form of NFTs.
  • Created by the developers of the successful blockchain-based game Prospectors.

The new blockchain-based game by the developers of Prospectors, Tribal Books, will launch the first round of Cards sale today, 11/11/2020, at 5 PM UTC. The sale will last until all packs are sold.

The available cards, as we read from the official Medium, are unique, limited edition NFTs that won’t be reproduced in the future, and the only way to get them after that is the secondary marketplace. All cards come in the form of packs and 6 different rarities. There are also 5 different tribes in the symbols collection.

If you are interest to the Tribal Books Cards Sale, you can visit the official Tribal Books website.

Trial Books will run on the WAX blockchain which supports easy sign-in with your social media accounts, after the successful sign-up, you will be assigned a name which acts as your wallet address.

It’s worth mentioning that in the future, the NFT assets might be usable in other blockchains also.

A quick view of the Tribal Books gameplay.

Tribal Books features PvP battles where the player has to combine a limited amount of cards before the round starts. Also, the player chooses a Tribal Book with magic forces that can be used during the round. Each round begins with a new deck of cards, and as a result, a new strategy.

Here’s some things you can do in Tribal Books.

  • Collect NFT cards.
  • Use them to beat the foe.
  • Upgrade your Tribal Book to open powerful magic forces.
  • Become the hero who will restore the greatness of the enchanted heart-cities and get their treasures!

Notice: Participating in any NFT sale, such as the Tribal Books Cards Sale comes with risks. Please make sure you do your own research and never spend more than you can afford to loose.

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