Two Mafia Metaverse Games Rebrand After Look-Alike Names

Sinverse Mobland
Wallpaper by Mafia II Game.

Sin City, a mafia metaverse game with land ownership and monetization opportunities with the Vulcan Forged Platform as partner, aims to become the “GTA” alternative for the crypto gaming community. On the other hand, the same concept was going on but from an other game, Syn City. Truth be told, we are also confused at first.

Sin City, a couple of days ago decided to rebrand to SINVERSE as a way to retain a unique brand name and avoid confusion for its community and future players since there was another Syn City Metaverse.

Yesterday, after a trademark infringement by Frank Miller, the original creator of the Sin City Movies along with Quentin Tarantino, Syn City was forced to change its name to MOBLAND, leaving no project behind with that name.

As reported by MOBLAND, there are over 2,000 marks registered only in the US related to the name Sin City, although this didn’t stop Frank Miller to take action. The project has hired Paul Hastings, a top lawyer in the USA as it’s legal representative.

It’s always a good idea to research before giving a name to a game, and even better not to use it when someone else does, even if you change a letter.

Let’s have a look at these 2 upcoming Metaverses.

SINVERSE Mafia Metaverse Game

sinverse gangsters Sin City, a mafia metaverse game with land ownership and monetization opportunities with the Vulcan Forged Platform as partner, aims to become the
Two Mafia Metaverse Games Rebrand After Look-Alike Names 30

SINVERSE, formerly known as Sin City is a metaverse multiplayer-game built with blockchain technology. The background of the game is based on the most controversial cities of the world, where digital estate is available for purchase. Becoming the Kingpin of the the city is the main purpose of the SINVERSE metaverse, and you can achieve that by buying digital land and using it to create clubs, hangout places or a place for events.

$SIN is the token of the metaverse, being the in-game currency used for buying digital land and many more functions.

The map of SINVERSE has 17 districts with a total of 15,000 plots available for users to buy. Each district has its own unique faction while users can benefit from resources provided by the district and its pros.

As the team says, the metaverse is an a hunt or get hunted perspective, fighting and surviving among other players or kingpins trying to exploit your empire. Joining a faction will help you protect yourself and your assets, not joining one and being in a neutral position might destroy everything you’ve done till then.

As we said earlier becoming the Kingpin is you main purpose and to do that you’ll have to lead and conquer other gangs while recruiting the best of the best to form up your empire.

You can read every detail on the whitepaper.

Users will participate in both PvE and PvP fights while looting or rewarding themselves upon victorious results.

MOBLAND Mafia Metaverse Game

Mobland Sin City, a mafia metaverse game with land ownership and monetization opportunities with the Vulcan Forged Platform as partner, aims to become the
Two Mafia Metaverse Games Rebrand After Look-Alike Names 31

MOBLAND, previously known as Syn City is an action-adventure, RPG Metaverse where players can upgrade, equip, manage and trade and expand members of their syndicate. A mafia-based game where the world only a few gangster survive the brutal reality of MOBLAND. It is a free-to-play, play-to-earn game where the bosses control everything, from businesses, to areas while looting and raiding other syndicates in order to expand their empire.

Marketplaces, Casinos, Pools, Churches and Farms are some of the in-game assets that a syndicate can own and control resulting in an ever-expanding mafia metaverse. A syndicate leader has vast benefits, but being one of the biggest has even more benefits. Imagine you are one of the big guys, your mafia members will worship you and follow your orders strictly. The seven biggest syndicate leaders will have the following benefits:

  • Players stake $SYNR to generate $sPOWER and delegate that to the syndicate leaders. There is no cap on the number of syndicates and no cap on the number of members per syndicate. 
  • Only the top 7 leaders with the most $sPOWER will be allowed to join the Committee to manage the governance committee which shapes the earnings events and allocate the earnings pool
  • Syndicate leaders could offer benefits in assets, special events, and many others to the members of their syndicates for recruitment, engagement, and loyalty. 
  • Syndicate leaders can tax their members for the benefits offered. MOBLAND platform charges a tax to the syndicates, part of which goes to the treasury and the rest goes to the overall community as Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Having 4 heavily oversubscribed IDO’s and 600k followers on Twitter, Telegram and Discord combined, the potential of this Mafia Metaverse is huge and will wait while collecting information about the project.

You can read every detail on the whitepaper and visit the new website.

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