War of Crypto Announces Early Access Sale

War of Crypto Multiverse Game Early Access Sale
War of Crypto Multiverse Game Early Access Sale

World of Crypto has announced today that November 10th is the day for the public sale!

After successfully conducting the first ERC-1155 pre-sale which was a sold out, the long-awaited upcoming Multiverse game has announced an Early Access Sale with 13 exclusive brand new heroes and 26 skins, backed by  1,200,000 ENJ. Each champion will be obtainable with boosted IVs, normal or exclusive early access skins.

Like the pre-sale, players will be able to buy crystals which are converted to a random WoC Heroe, War of Crypto through a medium post explained that each crystal will cost $25 and there will be only 15,000 crystals available for sale.

During the development period and after the pre-sale, War of Crypto have managed to attract a number of players who are eager to play the game! The new community members now have a chance to get involved with the game and receive exclusive heroes that won’t be minted again in the future.

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War of Crypto stated:

With this new sale, we hope to grow the community and allow supporters to experience the technology we are bringing forth with Enjin’s wallet. Mass adoption is everyone’s goal here and we want early adopters to be the forefront in helping make history in gaming!

Just like in the pre-sale, each hero is an ERC-1155 token backed by ENJ Coins.

Money from Early Access Sale will be used to hire developers, VFX artists, Modelers, and designers to speed up the development of War of Crypto.

As per when the game will be launched, the developers said that the internal goal is Q4 of 2018 but this can be pushed back to early 2019.

War of Crypto Game Information.

Heroes will be stored on the blockchain so you gain true ownership of your Hero. this means that your hero can be stored in the ENJ Wallet, send it over a friend or sell in the marketplace.

The game will be free to play and as you progress you will obtain more heroes. Each hero is unique based on individual values and it’s personality and they come in six rarities, CommonUncommonRareEpicLegendary, and Special.

A closed alpha will be done definitely in 2018.

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