War of Crypto Early Access Sale Is About To Begin

War of Crypto early access sale

The second round of War of Crypto funding will begin in less than one hour from now!

WoC fans, people who missed the sold-out pre-sale, and many blockchain gamers have been patiently waiting for this moment!

Today at 17:00 UTC, the early access sale of War of Crypto will begin, and gamers worldwide will have a chance to get special champions for the upcoming Multiverse game.

War of Crypto will offer 15,000 crystal for $25 each. Crystals generate a random War of Crypto champion from 13 brand new Heroes with 26 skins.

Each hero will contain boosted IVs with normal or exclusive early access sale skin. The exclusive skins are made specifically for this event, and they won’t be available ever again.

The first 500 crystal owners will receive a special Collectors badge from War of Crypto!

Also, in the early access sale, gamers will have a chance to get Goard, the first multiverse champion playable in Minecraft!