What’s Coming For Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity continues development across all fields. The most popular blockchain-based game that changed the life’s of millions is getting ready for a brand new look with lots of utilities.

Sky Mavis achievements mark a great new era.

  • Surpassing 100k released Axies in their Lunar Year Event.
  • With many builders program applications, more game modes in Axie Infinity are successfully created step by step using Axie assets.

With Season 20 coming in 1-2 weeks, plans for the future of Axie Infinity are set:

  • Possible removal of SLP rewards in Adventures and Daily quests.
  • More burning mechanisms.
  • $RON one side staking will be released in Phase 2.
  • There will be $AXS rewards for the Landholders.
  • Niantic will help Axie Infinity to build (More announcements soon)
  • The Rental/Lending/Borrowing system built in the marketplace is evolving successfully.
  • Investing in marketing campaigns to promote and continue the growth of the ecosystem.
  • The majority of the community will have Governance in contrast with whales and big value holders.

V3 (Origin) news:

  • Origin set to launch soon.
  • Different system on Origin with crits but not as random.
  • It might include a free-to-play mobile version.
  • Axie power-ups will be introduced in the new version of the game. (Part of the burning mechanism)

As the development keeps the pace going and issues and bugs are fixed, the future looks bright for Axie Infinity. Great News overall.

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