WTF? Is Sex-to-Earn a Thing?

WTF? Is Sex-to-Earn a Thing?

SEXN is a sex-to-earn startup that’s claiming to pay people in crypto as they have sex. 

After the huge success of play-to-earn and move-to-earn mechanics, let us introduce you to a web3 startup that is going to pay you if you have sex. 

The sex-to-earn startup, called SEXN, will verify your sex activity through a series of biometric monitors.

SEXN – Have Sex and Earn Crypto

To understand what SEXN has to say about their ecosystem, let’s see what their Twitter bio says. 

“Two of the indispensable things that humans love most: Sex and Money”

Just like Axie Infinity, the users will first have to buy NFTs that will allow them to earn Tokens. If they want to earn money while they have sex, all they need to do is stop, start a sex-timer, and start earning $SOT

“What is $SOT?”!

$SOT (Sex Orgasm Token) is the SEXN’s own ecosystem token that is set to launch as soon as this week.

Currently, SEXN’s sex-to-earn model is relatively complex as the roadmap is vague. The earning system is also a little complex when it is compared with similar models such as Axie Infinity’s Play-to-Earn mechanics.

They are planning to “Quantify” the efforts (put in sex) through their application that will be connected to your wristband. (please wear the wristband as you have sex)

SEXN Marketplace Is Already in Action

SEXN has already started selling Vibrators and Cartoon Condoms (costing 0.8 BNB each) as NFTs on their own marketplace. 

SEXN’s governance token has already been launched while $SOT has raised $125,000 in pre-sale.

SEXN – Modes of Earning

The SEXN Whitepaper states that there will be “Four modes” of earning crypto through SEXN. 

Each mode will earn you a token at a different rate. As you own different combinations of NFTs, you unlock more ways of earning crypto. The NFTs are sex toys like condoms and dildos. Each type of NFT will unlock a different mode of earning. 

  1. Coitus Mode 

If you own a Condom NFT, this mode is for you. All you need to do is start the app and start having sex. The biometric monitors will monitor your sex activity. 

  1. Masturbation Mode 

This mode will earn you fewer tokens. You don’t need any fancy bracelets to start earning – only a tracking bracelet will do the job. 

  1. Sadism & Masochism Mode

This mode was heavily requested by the community. However, this mode is still under development due to latent risks. To play this mode, you would need to pass a “professional entry exam” – the details about the exam, however, are not yet revealed. 

  1. Super Mode

This one is for enthusiasts that have a lot of sex. let’s call those “marathon sex sessions”.

How Will SEXN Track If We’re Actually Having Sex?

Max (SEXN Founder) said the following that clear this concern.

“There’ll be no significant movement of GPS position during sex of course, so the heart rate growth curve of sex is totally different from other sports, and the change curve of breath is different.”

“This oxygen saturation with sex is different from other sports as well. The hand’s action during sex is different from other sports. So if you’re thinking that you can get the NFT and just go running because you’re sweating because your body temperature is getting up the app will judge that you are not doing the act, therefore, you will not be rewarded with a token”

SEXN app will determine whether you are having sex based on the biometric information from the sensors, such as wearable bracelets, watch, or mobile phone

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