You Can Now Upgrade Your VulcanVerse Land to Level 3

VulcanVerse Land 3 Which Staking Buffs Will Be Available During The Sowing Of Level 3 Plots?

Which Staking Buffs Will Be Available During The Sowing Of Level 3 Plots?

All the land owners are now allowed to Sow their Land to Level 3! During the sowing, all the gods will have different roles so let’s dive in and find out which staking buffs will be available as we sow Level 3 plots.

As reported on Twitter today, within 12 hours, over 311,310 PYR tokens and 3 million LAVA have been used for the land sowing. While PYR can be staked, LAVA must be burnt.

Gods and Buffs

Except for Zeus and Cronus, all gods will have the same amount of buffs. Since Zeus and Cronus are the respective heads of Olympians and Titans, they enjoy the privilege of having more powers than other gods.

So, if you own a god that has only one active buff right now, be patient and don’t FOMO as there will be more buffs available as time passes and you upgrade your god. Upgrading gods will give strength to the existing buffs. You can also activate new buffs as you upgrade gods. 

With regards to the land staking program, Vulcan Forged has shared these set of rules that apply to gods for land plots and staking:

  • All gods will have special buffs. The special buff will be bounded to a certain god. When you apply these buffs for sowing or the land staking program in any way, they apply to 3 plots at level 3. “Gods Stack for this feature”, Vulcan Forged stated. 
  • Except for Zeus and Cronus (these two gods can buff three plots), all the gods can buff one land plot to increase the staking reward by 10% (level 1).
  • As a bonus, you can assign Zeus and Cronus one buff from any other god. Like the other gods, you can apply this buff to multiple land plots.
  • Gods will increase your XP (10% XP buff) as well as your node rewards.
  • The number of plots the god can buff will be determined by your avatar level. 
  • Including owing gods, they will incentivize all interactions in the ecosystem. You will get 10XP per day in your My Forge account if you own god NFTs. The XP you need to receive staking rewards are different from this one. (Gods stack for this feature)

Level 3 Implications

Vulcan Forged stated that they will activate the Hermes buff as an extra buff for Zeus and Cronus (temporarily). This is because the god buff dashboard is not ready at the moment. For each Zeus, Demeter, Hermes, and Cronus you own, you can sow up to 3 additional land plots at lightning speed.

For up to 3 plots, the LAVA cost for sowing will decrease by 10% in the case of Themis. This is a 48 $PYR bonus for just Themis at level 1. Other than that, 11 more buffs will be added.

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