Blockchain Gaming Digest 13 – 19 April

Welcome to another weekly digest. Lots of news for the past week with some great ones. Blockchain gaming is on the rise and it won’t stop until every PC in the world has a crypto game installed! That’s a fact.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the past week’s news.

You can now batch send tokens with Enjin Wallet in a single transaction

Enjin wallet update batch send

The new Enjin wallet update adds some great features including ENS domains support and single transactions up to 100 NFT’s and FT’s, reducing the GAS Fees up to 90%.

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League of Kingdoms Pre-registration Event with $30 in gifts

League of Kingdoms strategy game

A new 4X strategy game is under development. Build your own village with cartoonish graphics and conquer your enemies. Sign up now for free to receive 30$ in Gifts.

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CryptoWars is officially live – Strategy Play to Earn Game

CryptoWars Blockchain Game Tournament With 2500$ In Prizes

The past week,the play to earn strategy blockchain game Crypto Wars went live as the official release with advanced gameplay and cash rewards. Players can stake BTC and ETH to fight 1v1 battles no longer than 20 minutes.

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How an 11-year-old kid is using tokens to spread kindness globally

anti corona virus collection

Amid Corona virus, an 11 years old kid uses blockchain-based tokens to spread hope and kindness. 10 tokens are available in the form of ERC-1155 tokens backed by ENJ. All money earned will go straight to the CARE foundation.

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Dark Country & eGamers Card Hunt Event

Dark Country & egamers card hunt event

We have successfully completed a social media card hunt with Dark Country! Users redeemed 25 cards within days by searching for promo-codes and assembling them in the right order.

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Gods Unchained – 9 most requested Trial of the Gods cards voted by the community

Check out how the nine most requested Trial of the Gods cards look in action. GU is the most promising TCG blockchain game available.

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Help The Sandbox developers to improve the game and claim one of the 5 LANDS they are giving away!

The Sandbox is seeking ideas and suggestions by the community and is giving away 5 LANDS to those that will help with this important task.

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Battle Racers Duel Cup

Battle Racers is hosting a Duel Cup that features 5 ETH worth of NFTs in prizes while more exciting prizes will be announced soon.

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BlockLords joined the Blockchain Game Alliance

The strategy game Blocklords joined the BGA alliance. An initiative that aims to further promote crypto gaming to the masses through collaboration, guidance and more.

Checkout the SomniumSpace interactive real-time Map

The new interactive SomniumSpace map is live! In addition, the SomniumSpace team acquired one land plot in CryptoVoxels, embracing the interoperability between virtual worlds.

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ChainZ Arena Launch with over 40K USDT and other prizes.

ChainZ arena is launching in 3 days and there is a series of events with insane prizes in USDT! Claim more than 40,000 USDT (stable coin) and other in-game assets that worth a lot.

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