Blockchain Gaming Digest 14/20 September

sddefault Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest 14/20 September! Let's have a quick look at some of the latest news.

Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest 14/20 September! Let’s have a quick look at some of the latest news.

BMW Quietly Integrates Enjin Token in The BMW Vantage App

BMW Vantage application will integrate Enjin token
Blockchain Gaming Digest 14/20 September 30

BMW Vantage is a new customer loyalty App in Korea by the German automaker BMW. BMW Vantage will integrate the Enjin Token according to a Korean source. When the application goes live, and BMW customers are offered Enjin Coin as rewards, this could become one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies within the whole industry.

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CGC conference to take place on September 22

Don’t miss your chance to learn from the industry leaders! CGC will take place in two days and the best minds in the gaming and blockchain gaming industry are going to be there. Full networking and Digital! The price of the ticket is only $25. We have some tickets left, want some? Hope in our telegram and ask for it.

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UNI Token by Uniswap Prorocol

Uniswap protocol released its Token (UNI) and hosted a massive airdrop of 400 UNI (equals to 2,5 ETH at the moment) to every user that has used their services until the launch of the Token. Several blockchain gamers received that airdrop and earned an extra income of $1,000 just by playing their favorite game and exchanging their tokens through Uniswap. 

Have you used the Uniswap Protocol before the UNI release? Find out more and claim your free 400 UNI.

The First Annual NFT Awards by Enjin And DEA

Organized by Enjin and DEA, the first-ever Annual NFT Award will go live on December 9, 2020.

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IGGalaxy Migrating From Tron to Matic Network

Strategic reasons for their future and different values and directions made IGGalaxy Migrating from TRON to Matic Network. The IGGalaxy team believes that the speed they reward their users is the key to making their platform stand out from the rest. The Matic sidechain provides infinite scalability and seems like the best solution to handle the rapidly growing IGGalaxy user base.

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Decentraland Governance is Live

Blockchain Gaming Digest 14/20 September 31

Huge milestone achieved by Decentraland as they released the governance system. Landowners and MANA holders can now vote and take part in the game’s critical decisions.

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Warner Media is Joining The Blockchain Gaming

The subsidiary of WarnerMedia, Turner Sports announced the Blocklete Games, a platform that will allow players to collect, trade and play with NFTs featuring digital athletes. The first game is Blocklete Golf which will award $20,000 to the players in its first season.

Visit Blocklete Golf.

0x Games is Shutting Down – The Vicious Cycle of Investors And Ethereum

Lack of funds and the inexistent support from major blockchains lead the 0x Games team to the tough decision. Is this the end of 0x Games? All projects will turn to an autonomous state, and all functions like p2p trading will continue to work. The commissions will pay the hosting expenses. The team will still try to find another investor.

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F1 Delta Time Stacking System is Live

Through the F1 Delta Time Stacking System, NFT car owners will earn REVV Token rewards.

Cars are available on OpenSea.

Litebringer is Live

The first true Litecoin game released its Dapp version and is available for everyone.

Visit Litebringer.

MegaCryptoPolis Dapp Goes DEFI

City building blockchain game MegaCryptoPolis goes Defi and partners with MakerDAO to connect NFTs and Decentralized Finance worlds. 

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Gala Ecosystem Continues Growing

New exchanges listing, the ERC-20 token went live and an upcoming partnership with Splinterlands is what Gala does this period. By the co-founder of Zynga, Eric Schiermeyer’s project is slowly taking off and Town Star keeps gaining players and momentum.

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Pizza Heroes Testing Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Monday 21/10/2020 the first testing phase of the upcoming EVO ecosystem games begins. Is this going to be a tasteful game with lots of Pizza? Time will tell.

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22 Racing Series Demo Available Until Today

The Pax Challenge by the 22 Racing Series game is live. Download the demo only for today from the official steam page and get immediate access to the PAX Challenge event in-game. Cash prizes available for grab and free full race licenses with in-game assets.

Find 22 Racing Series on Steam.