Blockchain Gaming Digest 30 November / 6 December 2020

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest 30 November / 6 December 2020!

This week Upland is the most played game with more than 9,700 active players. Axie Infinity follows with 7,700, and the third is Splinterlands with 7,650.

The Six Dragons Governance NFT Limited Presale is Live

The open-world RPG and Multiverse blockchain game “The Six Dragons” is hosting a limited presale of TSD Governance tokens. Owners of the TSD Governance NFT will have multiple benefits including, Yield Farming, Voting, and a governor status.

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The Six Dragons: PS5, DeFi, Yield Farming

Beyond the TSD Governance NFT that will enable Yield Farming in the game, “The Six Dragons” plans to release a PlayStation 5 version in Q4 2021.

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Axie Land Demo is Live

Axie Infinity released an early build of land gameplay for all landholders. The demo will be available only for 7 days, ending on December 10th, featuring limited gameplay. Anyone holding land can start testing by installing the demo on Windows/macOs.

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Chain Games Integrated Call of Duty

Chain Games Dashboard with support for Call of Duty is live. Players can compete in Call of Duty Esports Tournaments and claim CHAIN token prizes based on their performance. Also, Chain Games return a portion of the transaction fees to everyone that is staking CHAIN tokens.

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Age of Rust Beta

Multiverse game Age of Rust announced the upcoming Season 1 Beta version of the game. The team is currently going through the final rounds of bug fixing before the release.

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Blankos Open Beta and Supply Limits

After successfully registering 100,000 accounts during the game’s closed beta, Blankos open beta is coming on December 10th. The Founder’s Pack sale will end on December 13th at 11:59:59 pm PST. After that, the game will burn any unsold founder’s pack left. These packs will never be released again, meaning that the only way to obtain them will be by other players.

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Enjin New Marketplace

Enjin released a new, more simplified version of its marketplace by evaluating user feedback. The redesigned Enjin Marketplace features a smooth user experience, faster loading time, an improved mobile browsing experience, verified by Enjin projects, and more.

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Light Nite Multiplayer

The Battle Royal game with Bitcoin rewards Light Nite released the multiplayer version. 

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Gala Games Partnered With Brave Browser

BAT token will be an extra option to purchase in-game NFT’s, nodes, and Gala Gold Membership in the Gala Games store. Also, Gala Games and Brave are issuing a limited-edition crystal with engraved claim codes to receive NFT’s.

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F1DeltaTime Bahrain Edition 2020 Auction has ended. 

Officially licensed by the Formula 1 Ethereum based game, F1 Delta Time sold the most expensive NFT ever. The segment of an in-game track sold on OpenSea for more than 9 million REVV tokens ($222,000). Owners of track NFT’s earn revenue from the activity of their NFT, including entry fees and Yield rewards from Elite events where others stake REVV tokens to participate.

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Battle Racers Parts Trading

On December 10th Battle Racers will relaunch parts trading. Users will be able to transfer in-game NFT’s from Matic Network to Ethereum and vice versa.

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Kriptomat Added 74 New Trading Pairs

Kriptomat now offers 74 new Crypto trading pairs in addition to the Fiat to Crypto support. Kriptomat is a European regulated cryptocurrency exchange that enables the Enjin’s multiverse program, to provide a gamification experience to its platform.

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9Lives Arena 2020 Surprise Leaderboard Prizes

9Lives Arena will reward the most skilled warriors on the leaderboards and the luckiest fishermen for 2020 with rare blueprint rewards and NFT blueprint discounts.  

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Phishing Warning by MetaMask

Cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask shared a tweet warning its users of a scam using their name. Scammers use sponsor ads on Google to appear in the first results, so you have to be very cautious when not using direct links.

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