Hello egamers 🙂 The topic of today’s special article is:

egamersio –> egamers_io – that’s right!

We are at the unpleasant position to announce that our Twitter account (@egamersio) has been suspended.

As much as we believe this is an unfair and unreasonable decision, we have to respect Twitter rules and keep walking, like Johnnie Walker.

keep walking johny egamers
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Twitter was and still is, a great tool for connecting projects with people, undeniably, we have managed to reach out to many of you using twitter and spread the blockchain word to the gamers.

With that been said, we would like to thank every single one of you for the incredible support. One love.

Babe Ruth once said, “It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up”.

egamers rip twitter 1

Great, Whats next?

First of all, lets begin by saying that we are here to stay.

The new egamers official twitter account is up and you can follow us again! (@egamers_io)

And because each day is a day to celebrate. We are hosting an Enjin Beam QR Airdrop with 200 ERC-1155 Assets in total!

25 Enjin MFT, 75 Aeonclipse Keys and 100 Phoenix Tokens will be distributed through our twitter once we reach 500 Followers.

egamers twitter enjin giveaway phoenix token enijnmft aeonclipse keys

In order to participate, you will have to scan the QR code with EnjinWallet.

Meet Phoenix

Phoenix token egamersio

We have minted 100 collectible ERC-1155 tokens backed by 5 ENJ each. They are all yours!

A Phoenix can reborn from its own ashes, just like our twitter. The total supply of the token is 100. Phoenix is a collectible asset created celebrate egamers.io new twiiter account!

The Phoenix Tokens were minted using Enjin’s MintShop, the easiest way to create your own blockchain assets backed with ENJ Coins.

At this point, we would like to thank Enjin Coin for their continued support since day one. You guys are awesome! 

Now, here’s an other hot issue.

What about the Etheremon & Chibi Fighters Giveaway?

Before the suspension, we had an on-going giveaway with Etheremon and Chibi Fighters. We are going to Tweet again the competition within the day for 2 more days (End Date 20 of January 23:59 UTC). The users who have already participated in the old giveaway tweet will still count in the random winners drawing.

Thankfully, we have access to the previous twitter and we can see all of your RT’s and comments.

To sum up, You can join the giveaway for two more days, feel free to retweet and follow us again, even if you had previously joined!

Make sure you follow @etheremon and @chibifigters also, they have been great partners and supporters of egamers.io.

Once again, thank you everyone for supporting egamers <3.

We won’t stop being crypto gaming warriors!

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