Design Your Own Berserk Card Contest

The popular Vulcan Forged trading card game, Berserk, is hosting a community contest where everyone can design an in-game card with the winning ones getting minted along with other gifts!

Berserk is TCG with great graphics and cool gameplay, it’s the first game of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem to enable $LAVA earnings, meaning that playing Berserk you can earn the play-to-earn token of the VF platform.

The Berserk Contest

There will be five winning entries in total, all five cards will get minted in the game and creators will win a card pack with the particular card in, along with the first edition of it.

If you are interested to take part in the competition, fill this form.

To better understand how Berserk cards work, read our Berserk Overview where we explain in-depth the mechanics.

Card elements in Berserk game.

Dudemk3 on Vulcan Gaming Discord server shared some ideas how your card abilities should work, please note these are just examples and your imagination is the limit.

You card should belong to a quadrant, the available VulcanVerse Quadrants are Boreas, Arcadia, Notus and Hades. Here is a list with upcoming cards that will help your inspiration. More detailed examples can be found below.


Kobolds, Amazons, Cyclops, Harpies.

  • Kobold Fire Thrower – Creature, Impudae, At the beginning of your turn deal 1 damage to random enemy.
  • Kobold Opportunist – Creature, Impudae, Traitor (Traitor: at the beginning of your turn this creature has a 50% chance to swap sides if your opponent controls 3 or more creatures.)
  • Tomyios – Creature, Impudae, Legendary, while Tomyios is in play other Impudae you control have +1/+1.


Fae, Beasts, Druids, Humans

  • Ent, Creature, Fae, Whenever a creature you control is healed, Ent gains +2/0 until end of turn.
  • Boar Catcher – Human, at the beginning of your turn summon a 1/1 wild boar.
  • Fae Enchantress – Fae, Druid, Immune to opponents spell and ability effects.


Myrmidon, Iskandrians, Kemet, Constructs

  • Myrmidon recruit – Has +1/+1 while you control another Myrmidon
  • Sand Wyrm – Stealth


Daemons, Shades, Undying, Cursed human/fae/factions of other quads.

  • Fading spirit – Fade (at the end of your turn this creature suffers 1 damage).
  • Corrupted cultist – All sources of damage deal +1 while Corrupted Cultist is in play.

Play Berserk for free and start earning $LAVA tokens.

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