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Welcome to the first episode of “Blockchain Games Explained*”. A video series dedicated to blockchain gaming in which, we present a variety of blockchain games under two minutes.

With the Blockchain Games Explained, we aim to reach a new audience in social media that are unaware of blockchain gaming. Who doesn’t like short videos? We understand that not everyone has time for long-duration gameplay videos and just like that, the idea of 1 to 2 Minutes video was born.

You can find the first video on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Dissolution

Powered by the Blockchain and member of the Enjin Spark Program, Dissolution is a free to play, space-themed First Person Shooter with plans for MMORPG in 2021. Garage Studio has done great work and delivered a fun and enjoyable game that is currently in Early Access.

There are five different modes to play, including Raids, Assault, Zombies and more. In the near future, there will be a single-player campaign.

Dissolution is a true play to earn game, while you play, you unlock in-game assets that go straight to your enjin wallet (Ethereum). There is also a variety of skins and weapons on the EnjinX marketplace at low prices. Besides those, you can also find DFTs that provide an in-game earnings boost.

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*Blockchain Games Explained used to called “2 Minutes Blockchain Games”.

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