Dissolution Leaves Enjin But Remains on Ethereum

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Dissolution has been one of the first blockchain-based games on the Steam platform that stood out immediately from the competition. While others were creating collectible games with no gameplay, the small Canadian team was already developing an outer-space FPS game with the extra burden of expenses, modeling, and the complexity of blockchain integration.

In the latest development progress, followed up a few hours later by a twitter video, Houston Song, the CEO of Garage Studios, among many exciting updates, announced with regret the departure from the Enjin ecosystem, making Dissolution the second game after CryptoFights to choose another path.

Houston Song stated that Dissolution’s vision for blockchain gaming does not align with Enjin anymore, and the company decided to experiment with new ways to implement non-fungible tokens. The uncertainty going around with ETH 2.0 and the sharding update as a scalability solution, will bring a lot of complexity to the smart contracts of games, eventually leading to multiple errors.

In an explanation Houston Song gave to the community through the official telegram channel, he blames the transfer fees in ENJ on top of the already overpriced ETH gas fees, and disagrees with the ENJ-backed value of NFTs, stating that the utility and value of the items should come from their use in-game.

He also added that anyone who owns Dissolution Founders Tokens (DFTs) can exchange them with the new ones by sending them to a specific address.

While Dissolution is leaving Enjin, the game will remain on the Ethereum blockchain with its in-house developed backend and it will use the ERC-1155 protocol. 

Development Progress

Dissolution is now becoming an MMORPG, transitioning away from the typical FPS, the game is currently offline until multiplayer returns. This month, the developers added some great additions that include Factions & Territory. Players can now create factions, and based on the number of DFTs the members have, it can get a boost of up to 50% in in-game earnings, including corporation’s dividends. Additionally, six new ships from massive miners to transports and starfighters are now available.

The MMORPG phase introduces resources mining, on foot, and ship mining with risk/reward mechanisms. The longer a player goes, the higher the rewards will be.

Stay tuned for more Dissolution news.

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