Efinity Parachain To Launch On March 11

Efinity parachain goes live on March 11

It is truly something amazing and something we’ve been waiting for a long time. Efinity is finally live on Polkadot Rococo Test net, with the next step being to onboard it to the Polkadot network on March 11.

Enjin, the leading ecosystem for non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) and developers of the Efinity, announced yesterday the launch of it’s upcoming parachain on the Rococ testnet via a Tweet and everyone now is awaiting for the Main net launch.

What is Efinity?

Dubbed as the highway for NFTs, Efinity aims to connect all blockchains and become the home of all NFTs.

Efinity is:

  • A next-generation blockchain with faster and cheaper transactions fees.
  • Compatible with lots of different blockchains across the industry.

Some of the features Efinity will bring:

  • NFT Transfers
  • Token Creation
  • Purchases
  • Smart contracts integration.

The Polkadot network is designed to operate in two types of blockchains:

  1. Parachains (Efinity), Sovereign blockchains that use the relay chain’s computing resources to confirm that transactions are secure and accurate.
  2. Relay Chain, the responsible center of Polkadot for the network’s shared security, consensus, and cross-chain interoperability.

Efinity plans to make NFTs carbon-neutral by 2030 with its upcoming blockchain, consuming significantly lower electricity than Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

The PoS (Proof-of-Stake) protocol ensures that Efinity’s carbon footprint won’t increase as the network becomes more populated.

Efinity will consume around 4,060,000,000,000 watts per year, that’s ~0.15 of the electricity used by Ethereum. 

In terms of gaming, there are multiple Enjin-based games waiting for the Main Net launch to start intergrating their smart contracts and NFTs.

While Enjin was created to supercharge blockchain gaming, the increasing Ethereum gas fees and the lack of smart contracts have declined it’s adoption in the space. With Efinity on the horizon, we expect a new wave of games joining the Enjin ecosystem.

There are multiple APIs and SDKs available for game development as all these years, Enjin has been working on the necessary tools for game developers.

About Enjin 

Enjin is the leading ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering a comprehensive suite of products for creating, trading, distributing and integrating NFTs into virtual worlds. Efinity parachain on Polkadot, owned by Enjin, is a blockchain where transactions are cheaper and faster than the standard Ethereum Blockchain.

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