Flare Network Acquires The Citadel of The Moon

Citadel of the moon in Mirandus

In Brief:

  • Flare Network to integrate Gala ERC-20 Token & NFTs.
  • Flare also bought the third Citadel of Mirandus MMORPG.
  • NFTs on Flare Network will have a “buff” in Citadel of the Moon.

Gala Games announced today on Medium the upcoming integration of the GALA ERC-20 token and the non-fungible tokens to avoid the bloat of the Ethereum network. 

This will not replace the ERC-20, and any tokens ported over to Flare will be burned on the Ethereum.

In addition, Flare became the owner of the third Mirandus Citadel, the Citadel of Moon. While the price wasn’t mentioned in the medium article, it was labeled as sold on the Gala Marketplace for 1,276.181 ETH (166.054772 Million Gala). That’s $3,500,000.

Citadels are Kingdoms in the upcoming MMORPG, Mirandus. So far, there have been three Citadels sold with two left for 2,552 ETH each.

Each Citadel has its own rules and can tax (and support) the businesses in it. Citadels are unique to the blockchain gaming space, with separate banks for each one, board members, and other cool stuff.

There are 1,615 first-class land deeds in total. The most valuable are the Citadels, which are all one of a kind, while the rest of the land deeds are scarce. The lowest tier is Homestead NFT, with 1,000 supply.

The First Citadel was sold to Polyient Games for 800,000 while the second one doubled in price, $1.6 Million. With each Citadel sold the price doubles.

Citadel of sun in games from the block podcast
Flare Network Acquires The Citadel of The Moon 30

The Gala Nodes

Right now, the only way to “mine” Gala is through the Gala Nodes. 

With over 8600 active miners at this point, a node operator earns approximately 775 GALA Tokens ($16.40) per day, with the number going down as more node owners participate in the network. 

Almost a year ago, a node operator would earn 20k Gala per day.

Each node license costs 3.696 ETH ($10,200), but it wasn’t always that expensive. Gala Games was designed to reward everyone but also the early adopters. Last year, a node would cost around $1,000, and it would have generated approximately $50k at the current price of the Gala token until today. 

Gala games node
Flare Network Acquires The Citadel of The Moon 31

It’s also worth mentioning that Gala rewards are halved each year. The previous halving was canceled through a community vote.

Gala Games CEO is Eric Schiermeyer, co-founder of Zynga Games. He is building a team of professionals to reap the crypto benefits of gaming.

The first game of the ecosystem was Town Star, a farming simulation game with Mirandus to follow and a tower-defense game. 

Gala aims to add more games to the ecosystem within 2021, with $GALA as the primary currency.

Visit Gala Games website.

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