Kaizen Guild Dashboard Went Live by BlockchainSpace

Blockchain Space Kaizen Guild

BlockchainSpace, a gaming guild management solutions provider aims to to develop create a series of automation tools and offer credit loans to support the expansion of every individual play-to-earn gaming guild.

At the moment, BlockchainSpace has launched Kaizen in a testing alpha phase. Kaizen is a guild dashboard that is going to be used by blockchain gaming guilds for tracking, managing, and pretty much supporting their progress in every way possible.

Thousands of guilds and millions of players will eventually join Kaizen, starting with the game of Axie Infinity and many more to come.

Powered by BlockchainSpace’s vast database, Kaizen will offer more than just a usual dashboard combining its safety and user-friendly environment.

Primary-Exclusive Kaizen Features

  • GaaS (Guild-as-a-Service) With GaaS, guilds can earn without tremendous actions. Kaizen takes over the hard work while the guilds (investors) just put the paper in with the results and the passive income bringing them into a blockchain heaven. (Despite everything being free at the moment, some features like GaaS will only be available for users holding $GUILD tokens.
  • One-Stop Dashboard Now, you can easily monitor and manage your guild’s core functions. Now you can focus on more important issues about your guild.
  • Performance Tracking Effortlessly monitor the performance of your guild, showing you every potential improvement gap.
  • Payroll Batch Processing A few clicks and payments are made in no time.