Kingdom Karnage early adopters pre-sale

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The new Multiverse game Kingdom Karnage hosts their presale following the popular selling method with the rest of the Enjin powered games. Players buy a chest and random item(s) is awarded.

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At the Kingdom Karnage, presale participants can purchase Wyden chests. Each Wyden chest will cost 25$ and is available to purchase with Crypto and Fiat currency.

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Participants will have the chance to claim some of the above items:


Early supporters of Kingdom Karnage will have the chance to claim one of the 700 ever minted Wyden. During the pre-sale, 600 Wyden will be available in some of the 5,000 Wyden Chests. That gives to every participant a 12% chance to get one of the first Legendary cards in Kingdom Karnage. Owners of Wyden will participate in an exclusive tournament for which you can learn more by reading further our article.

Early Access Tokens

Those 5000 Wyden chests also contain 2550 early access tokens, so each chest has a 50% chance to contain one. Early access tokens will grant players access to the game before the official release giving them the opportunity to get ahead of the game by collecting and leveling up cards.

Limited Edition Catacombs Dungeon Keys

2550 Limited Edition Catacombs Dungeon Keys are also available at the pre-sale once again there is a 50% chance for a chest to contain one. Those keys can be used to unlock the catacombs. The key can be used by the player or can be rented to other players for the day

12,000 Uncommon Cards

Additionally, all chests will contain 2-4 level 1 Uncommon cards, varying from Priest, Knight, Necromancer, and Deathknight.

Exclusive Tournament for Wyden Owners

Owners of the Wyden will gain access to an exclusive tournament. In this tournament, players will battle each other in a 1v1 match where the winners Wyden consumes the losers card and gains its power while the ENJ backed in the item will split between the two players. The most matches a player wins the most ENJ profits will gain. When enough power is acquired the card levels up. The tournament will carry on until there is only one Wyden left.

With only 700 Wyden ever being minted a player will be able to receive up to 6990 ENJ in the process. To celebrate the tournament there will be an additional price for the 10 final winners.

1st2,000 ENJ
2nd1,500 ENJ
3rd1,250 ENJ
4th 1,000 ENJ
5th750 ENJ
6th500 ENJ
7th400 ENJ
8th300 ENJ
9th200 ENJ
10th100 ENJ

Join Now The Kingdom Karnage pre-sale

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