Meltelbrot #4 – A Forest Knight’s quest to change the landscape of gaming.


Author’s notes: Please note this interview was conducted pre X-mas. I do this for a hobby, and freelance for community interest. Big ups to eGamers for offering to release the interview. ENJoy:)

Thanks Behfar, for agreeing to chat today. It’s always a pleasure to hear what’s going on in the different games incorporating blockchain tech. First of all, can you give a little background on yourself, and what sparked the concept of Forest Knight?

Thanks for having me. I am a computer science student from Hamburg, Germany. I started to dive into the world of Development around 3 years ago when I had my big knee Injury. Since I could not move, and my daily schedule was usually 90% filled with sport activities, I suddenly had huge free time. So I put that into use and taught myself to code and etc. Back then, I was a big Heroes of Might and Magic fan and I really enjoyed the Turn Based System in games in general, even in chess. Due to that interest, I came up with Forest Knight.

Glad you are back in the game and recovering then. What do you see Forest Knight becoming in the future? And can you shed some light on the unique features we can all expect in its gameplay?

I see Forest Knight as a gateway for players to the world of Crypto Gaming. By putting the Game in front, and the blockchain more in the background, I want to allow people to discover the perks of blockchain by themselves through gameplay, and not scaring them from the tech heavy side of it.

Oh I have a lot of stuff which no one knows yet, but let me leak one of them slightly, pets! But more on that for later ^^

A preview of Forest Knights

Pets! That is a scoop:) Definitely for me anyway as I have two cats! We see that there is great support for the overall community of Blockchain Gaming, and some nice campaigns going on, like Multiverse Founder Tokens. Can you tell us more about that, and what you are doing for our community of passionate gamers?

Yes sure. Forest Knight has started a program called Founder Knight which rewards early supporters of the game with a unique Multiverse Founders Token. This Token will be untradeable in Jan 2019, so it is the first Crypto Asset which is tradable at start and bound later. This will let players gain a true owner ship of something big. These “Knights” are going to enjoy exclusive benefits and this is the way I want to thank all the supporter for believing in a one man project.

For more information please read the dedicated Blog Post here :

A time based bound item is certainly an interesting new game mechanic. Can’t wait to see it in action, especially due to your original involvement in the MFT concept! With all these exciting new concepts, the multiverse must be a complex collaboration for all involved. Being a one man machine – how are you handling it?

The multiverse is for me one of the most exciting Blockchain Projects that has come out in recent years. It needs a lot of communication, planning, and try (or trial) and error to get it right, especially since we are the first ones ever to dare to accomplish such a thing. Of course, it is a lot of work for me, beside all my other obligations within and outside of Forest Knight, but if you believe in something, you won’t stop until you reach your goal. And to be honest, it is so much fun 😀

Would love to know what hours you are pushing to get this through, getting much sleep?

I stopped counting hours by now. Because I have to do all aspects of Forest Knight, from development to marketing, the hours get out of control very quickly. It is something around 8-10 hours, but I always get at least 6 hours of sleep.  I am too grumpy without sleep 😀

Forest Knights Battle Preview
Forest Knights Battle Preview

We are certainly glad you’re up for the task, as the game is really taking form. It shows one person with tenacity and skills can definitely create a cool game! Before you get back to it, could you leave us with any hints or insight on what’s next on the agenda for Forest Knight?

I don’t want to give away too much, but all I can say is Christmas is coming, and it also comes to the kingdom of Chronville very soon.

Awesome, Xmas is certainly not far away. Thanks for the hints, and again for letting us take up some of your precious time, I’m sure our readers have learnt a little more about you and your project. Should anyone want to find out more, please check out the social links below, and we will endeavour to keep the updates rolling here.


A Mentorship Program just started. Every new member can now give a mentor in an extra field in the Forest Knight Founder Token form.

Join others in a quest through this rough terrain, if not sure-footed others can show you the way! Become a true Knight! You can win a FK MFT and we can both win in game items! Sign up and keep an eye out for your mentor 🙂

Typeform for Founder Token:

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