My Crypto Heroes Quest Mode

A new mode is available by the Japanese blockchain game My Crypto Heroes in which players can now send the team and challenge for rewards.

In this new quest, players are able to organize 3 teams consisting of 3 heroes with 2 extensions each. Once the team is sent to the “Node” it will have to battle against 2 waves of enemies and the final boss. In order to bring back the rewards, players must win all 3 challenges.

What about the rewards?


The rewards My Crypto Heroes is offering for this quest mode are the following:
・Crypto-Energy (every time)
・Replica Extension(rarely)
・Original Extension(very rarely)

Some of the rewards are ERC721 tokens, with replica’s having 7 different rarities and Originals’ divided in 5 rarity categories including legendary rewards.

Looking to learn more about the new quest mode? Read the official medium article.

In other news, My Crypto Heroes will attend the Tokyo BLOCKCHAIN Game Show on 16/11/2018 alongside with Axie Infinity and other blockchain games.


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