The Forge Gets Updated: How Blockchain Cuties is Evolving

If i had to describe Blockchain Cuties with one word, i would use “Evolution.” Constant development and drastic gameplay changes are two factors we are used to in the Blockchain Cuties Universe.

The recent Forge update gave a whole different meaning to the marketplace by allowing players to recycle “worthless” items into Dust, and then use it to enchant more valuable ones.

The Forge is designed to stimulate the market and that’s what exactly does. Players are recycling their items at an incredible rate, and the items market is picking up.

While the Forge is mainly an economic tool, it impacts the gameplay in various exciting ways that make the game enjoyable.

The land update will bring a whole different dimension to Blockchain Cuties. What once was a “Cryptokitties Alternative”, now it’s one of the most beloved blockchain games around with great gameplay and most importantly, fun!

Before we talk about the Forge update, let’s take a look at how the Forge is changing the Blockchain Cuties gameplay.

The Forge consists of three sections.

  • Recycle
  • Enchant
  • Repair


Use Recycle to turn unused items into Dust.

The process takes slots and needs some time to complete. Depending on your status, you might have more than one slot, learn more here.

Taking into consideration the rarity, the Dust you earn varies from item to item, here is an article that explains the formula.

Sell the Dust in the marketplace or use it.


Are you a fan of MMORPGs? What would these games be without enchanting and the anxiety of success? Use the Dust in enchant section along with Tool Kits to power up your gear, but be careful; no one guarantees success. First, enchant (up to 5) has a 70% success rate, which lowers in every stage. Unlike other games, if the enchanting is not successful, it won’t turn into Dust, but it will break, and here’s come the Repair section.


Like we said above, Repair is used to repair your broken items. I know, its unfortunate, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

The Forge Update

The new update brings pleasant changes and gameplay improvements in both the Forge and the game in general.

To begin with, you can now Burn your items and receive a unified unit of value. Are you a gambler? This one is for you!

Everyone who purchased land in the presale (starting from Medium and up) will get Premium slots.

  • Medium (Land) = 1 Slot
  • Large & Founder = 2 Slots

Also, Premium Recycling slots now need 20% less time to recycle items, and there will be an option to buy two additional slots for around 25$ both.

If you plan to recycle a ton of items, make sure you do it now as the Forge is working in Bonus capacity, dismantle up to 100 right now because as the time goes by, this number will decrease.

After you recycle your whole inventory, either use your Dust to enchant items or sell it in batches of up to 10,000. Keep in mind that there is a minimum price for Dust.

Of course, enchanting needs Toolkits, the new adventure, “Halls of Grumpy King’s Deep,” is now available. Send your Cuties and let them come back with Tool Kits! Don’t forget to equip it with 1+1 enchant items.

Another addition is the Halloween event mechanic in the new adventure. Depending on your Cutie level, Regular and Silver toolkits will drop from NPCs besides the Mini-Boss, which rewards you with Golden Toolkits.

The drop limits are:

  • Regular: Up to 5 per player capped at 100 per day.
  • Silver: Up to 5 per player, capped at 100 per day.
  • Golden: Up to 2 per player, capped at two per day.

The above updates change the way Blockchain Cuties is played and opens new possible strategies. With the land update on the horizon, BC will become more exciting, and it will attract a more extensive player base that is looking for non-stop action in gaming.

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