The Sandbox Second Land Sale Begins Tomorrow

The Second Sandbox Land Sale is about to launch with more features and parcels available. In the previous successful sale, 3,000 land parcels sold out in just four hours. The second round will take place on February 11th at 12 PM GMT.

In this round, 6,192 land parcels (5%) will become available with a 30% discount.

The land sale takes place in five consecutive rounds (Including the first one that is now over and the second that begins tomorrow). It is worth to mention that 166,464 LAND plots will ever exist in the SandBox metaverse. Players can acquire land plots through sales or from other players. 

The first round began with a 40% discount, and there is going to be a 10% decrease at each round. When the public round goes live, it will last until all LANDS are gone, but without any further discounts.

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The New Features

Beginning with the display of the complete metaverse map, users will also have the ability to:

  • Change the name and description of their lands.
  • Have a new display on the presale map that showcases the lands owned that can be clearly distinguished among the rest of the parcels.
  • Experience an improvement of the performance to prevent any issues that a high concurrency could cause.
  • Access the metaverse map through mobile devices.

About LAND Plots

Land allows players to own a portion of the Metaverse. Each parcel is an ERC-721 Token that comes with significant advantages for the owners. You can host and participate in gameplays, monetize from in-game assets, or rent them to other players. Even more, you can participate in the Sandbox governance to get involved in determining the future of the platform.

Two different parcel types are available on The Sandbox map:

  • LAND: The basic sandbox unit on the map. Each land comprises 96×96 meters in the game world — just big enough to enable all types of blockchain game experiences
  • ESTATE: An estate is the combination of multiple LANDS.

The Land Districts are also going to be available in the future development of the game. The district is an estate owned by several players with their own governance rules that affect all the experiences within.


You can create assets by using the VoxEdit and upload them on the blockchain through the games marketplace. These assets become ERC-1155 NFT’s. Also, The SandBox partnered up with OpenSea so players can use it as a secondary marketplace to trade them.

The SAND Token

SAND is an ERC-20 token that you can use to trade assets and LAND as well as to claim rewards. You can convert SAND to other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH).

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