The Six Dragons & Age of Rust Announced Collaboration

With a tweet today, the highly anticipated multiverse game Age of Rust announced a collaboration with one of the newest Enjin powered games, The Six Dragons.

It’s always a pleasure to see multiverse games collaborating, remember that Multiverse is a universe of connected games and developers should help each other, that’s the only way it can be expanded through the whole world, through collaboration.

Recently we made a great list of 15 3D Games coming in 2019 and 7 out of 15 were part of Enjin’s ecosystem and more specifically, Multiverse Games. Of course, we could easily fill that list with only Enjin games. We see a lot of upcoming 3D blockchain games every now and then in various blockchains, but do they match the quality we get from the Enjin games? Not a chance, at least most of them. In general, Enjin is setting the standard on what a crypto game should be and as our pro gamer, @makogr44 says, “They don’t release games where others profit from your money” and that’s important, we want actual games, not price spikes.

Of course, collaborations are reasons to celebrate and the folks are giving away 2 Six Dragons MFTs and 2 Age of Rust MFTs to 4 lucky winners! Make sure you join, you might be the lucky one to win those Multiverse Founders Tokens.

Don’t Forget the Global Guerillas social sharing game that is coming this Sunday, 40 Enjin MFTs, 6 The Six Dragons MFTs, 4 Age of Rust MFTs and other incredible prizes are waiting for you to claim them! Read more about the Founders Mission.

The Six Dragons

The perfect example of the new era of games that joined the Multiverse using the Blockchain SDK, a well-designed RPG game with an in-depth crafting system taking place in an open world of 64km2! Players can harvest, fight for glory and items, select through an open build class system while completing quests. Did we mention the 1 billion randomly generated dungeons?

Six Dragons is definitely a game you should keep an eye on, the team will host the game presale on May 13th at 18:00 UTC where you can buy loot boxes containing approximately 10,800 random items for 25€ and 50€. Some great and rare NFTs are included in there. Check their pre-sale page here.

Age of Rust

One of the first games that joined the Multiverse and definitely one of the hottest! Age of Rust is a dark sci-fi adventure game taking place in a 650,000m2 terrain. Players will be able to explore abandoned space stations in lost worlds, battle with others and fight rogue machines in real time!

AOR presented a demo at GDC 2019 in the Enjin Booth and their demo was more than great!

The crypto game Age of Rust takes place in the year 4424, where the collapse of society has led to the end of all technological advancements. Without the ability to maintain any infrastructure, advanced AI robots are driving humanity to extinction. Make sure you visit the AOR website.

Now that the Blockchain SDK is available in the unity store, we expect to see a wave of 3D games joining. The quality of games we get from Enjin as of now is incredible if you consider that we are still doing baby steps in this industry.

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