Tipply Tank Is The Latest Game To Join The Enjin Platform

Tipply Tank is a virtual pet simulator game where you have to hatch, grow and breed your own blowfish (Tipplys). Tipply Tanks was originally built on Ethereum, and now it will be available on Enjin’s JumpNet blockchain.

JumpNet is an affordable NFT platform that allows you to mint customizable NFTs with no gas fees and JumpNet is a carbon-negative platform that uses 99.99% less energy than Ethereum.

You can start playing the game with 3 free-to-play Tipply eggs that will be credited to your account on signing up. These come in 5 different colors. You can also use the native DYT token to purchase eggs that come in vibrant neon color spectrums.

After hatching an egg, your task is to feed your baby pet until it grows to adulthood. To level up your pet, you will need to keep its energy level above 70%. The health progress of each Tipply is shown on an energy bar which decreases every hour. As your Tipply progresses to higher levels, this time gets reduced.

All Tipplys exist as non-fungible tokens on blockchain and players can link these NFTs to their Enjin wallets using a QR code. Using your Enjin wallet, you will be able to view your Tipply ERC-1155 NFTs, buy food pallets and other game items, and keep up with the marketplace.

There will be a total of 2 billion unique Tipplys. You have a chance to find rare ones since each Tipply will be different from another and will come with its own features and strengths.

Currently, the game has managed to reach 8036 transactions with 5442 Born Tipplys.

There will be some exciting developments in the Tipply Tanks game in the future. For Q3 2021, it is expected that a mobile app for the game will be launched. There will also be some new pet tricks, stunts, and animations in Tipply Tanks by the end of this year.

Last week, Pandemic Games also joined Enjin, you can read more about that here.

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