Try the Latest Version of Vulcan Assassin With TestFlight

Try the Latest Version of Vulcan Assasin With TestFlight

Howdy mortals, today Vulcan Forged, the leading Metaverse gaming studio, and ecosystem, announced a new Vulcan Assassin update! 

In fact, Vulcan Forged finished the AI weapons system and all the special effects! Additionally, they improved the game’s performance, gameplay, particles, and UI animations! It is also notable to say that the game ecosystem and trailer are still in process.

Furthermore, the latest version of Vulcan Assasin is available on IOS devices with the help of TestFlight. You can try it out using this TestFlight link, and this is the new APK.

About Vulcan Assassin

Vulcan Assasin Game

Vulcan Assasin is a waved-based 3d, Roman/ Greek-themed mobile game. It is a progression game, meaning that every time a player progresses to the next level, the difficulty and pace increase in order to make the game more challenging.

Weapons and items are NFTs that can be purchased and upgraded in-game using coins. Characters, enemies, items-abilities, & weapons are the game’s main elements.

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged to Hire C-Level Talents From EA Sports, Blizzard & Riot Games!

Vulcan Forged is a gaming ecosystem and game development studio with a variety of titles and dapps under its umbrella. VF, in short, uses a dual-token structure, the $PYR and $LAVA, and users can manage everything under a single dashboard. The ecosystem consists of a blockchain, a marketplace, a DEX, a launchpad, and more.