What is Coming to Vulcan Forged Ecosystem This Week?

What is coming to Vulcan Forged ecosystem this week?

Unlike many other gaming startups and companies, Vulcan Forged is a gaming platform that is continuously expanding and building through the bear market.

An update of the whole Vulcan Forged ecosystem is on its way for My Forge, its flagship MMO VulcanVerse, Tower Defense, Vulcan Runner, Lamia Avatar, and others which we will be showcasing right now.

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In detail, Jamie stated that My Forge will undergo the current changes and updates:

  1. Email and username validation to make sure the system accepts valid emails.
  2. UI improvements w.r.t mobile responsive so that images show correctly.
  3. Non-claimable cold lava flows security improvement (Will be live this week)
  4. Direct link so that users can view the tabs directly with the links.
  5. Pools reward flow in so that user can see the rewards and forecasting w.r.t its implementation. 
  6. Error messages and popup grammar changes are to be updated as per discussions.

For VulcanVerse:

  1. Fishing alpha delivered to PBT (Community testers) 
  2. Update Achievement UI.
  3. Bug fixes for PBT (Community testers) 

New game version releases:

  1. Tower Defense.
  2. Vulcan Runner.
  3. Lamia Avatar (went live Monday, Oct 31)


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