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The multi-blockchain competitive battle RPG game 0xWarriors adds NEO support as the fourth blockchain available using Arkane Network. As a reminder, the game is already available to play using Ethereum, EOS, and the TRON Blockchain.

Users manage and equip squads of five warriors to fight epic PVP battles and profit from in-game lootable items. The game offers a variety of unique weapons and armor to customize each one of your warriors. Even more, you can find public events and tournaments to fight for grand prizes and win more chests.

NEO Blockchain

Through a strategic partnership with the Arkane network, and the mind-blowing $100 million project called the EcoBoost, NEO aims to play a major role in the DAPP development.

NEO blockchain is already very popular around the world and especially in Asia. Developing a NEO version as well seems like a perfect solution for DAPP developers in order to expand their game in a wider audience.

As a matter of fact, 0xGames, the company behind 0xWarriors and many other blockchain games have already partnered up with Arkane network in order to expand all of its titles to the NEO blockchain as well.

Until December 13, the game offers a special 50% discount to all players in order to gear up and join the fight.

The Arkane Network


Arkane offers an SDK/API and a wallet-as-a-service that supports cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. Through their service, games can onboard players without having to know any technical details on cryptocurrencies. One of the major issues blockchain games experience is the difficulty gamers have to understand how they work, metamask and other browser-extensions seem easy to us, but to non-crypto users, they ain’t.

We reached out to Karel from Arkane Network and asked for a comment regarding the recent integration.

It is always a pleasure to work with Sergey and 0xGames, they are really starting to push the multiverse concept. Now by adding NEO to 0xWarriors they take the next step. For us it was a very interesting collaboration as the NEO foundation was involved in writting parts of the Arkane code needed to support the NEO blockchain.

In the meantime, together with 0xGames, we are gearing up to start the next collaboration with a new blockchain foundation, which will not only extend their exiting ecossystem, but will give them the opportunity to reduce costs and increase performance. 2020 will be an exciting year for all of us.

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