BGD #129: NFT & Play To Earn News – April 26-2 May 2021.

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to the Blockchain Gaming Weekly digest: BGD #129: NFT & Play To Earn News – April 26-2 May 2021.

This week Alien Worlds is the most played blockchain game with more than 794k active players. Upland follows with more than 70k while R-Planet sits in third place with almost 36k active players.

Vulcan Forged CEO & Lore Author Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson, CEO of Vulcan Forged, along with the Lore Author of Vulcan Forged books, joined the first-ever live stream of

Additionally, the Reward pools of VulcanVerse are now worth over 20 Million USD, and this number will grow as $PYR token rises in price.

In adittion, The current Reward pool of Vulcan Forged is $20 Million.

Binance NFT Marketplace

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the upcoming launch of its own NFT marketplace somewhere in June. Users will be able to sign in with their existing Binance accounts.

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Space Misfits New Updates

The Enjin-based game has officially started space travel! The latest update brings procedurally generated solar systems, new zones, and Rogue-Like gameplay.

Axie Infinity Ronin Migration

Ronin phase 2 is live, and Axie Infinity overcomes the Ethereum network issues by operating entirely on its own sidechain.

Users can now migrate their Axie NFTs, deposit ETH, SLP, and AXS tokens.

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Flare Network Buys The Citadel of The Moon NFT for $3,5 Million.

While the price wasn’t mentioned in the announcement, the third citadel of the Mirandus MMORPG, based on the price model, should costed Flare the whopping amount of $3,5 Million.

In addition, Flare will support the Gala ERC-20 token in its network along with Non-Fungible tokens, creating a smoother player experience without Ethereum GAS Fees.

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The Jumpnet Hosts 1,5 Million Tokens

What if the public access is not yet open, Enjin’s JumpNet already hosts 1,5 million Non-Fungible tokens. 

Once public access begins, Jumpnet will become a no-brainer choice to mint NFTs.

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Uplift World: The Play To Earn Minecraft Metaverse You Want In

Minecraft and blockchain are two things discuss for years. Now, Uplift World builds a whole Minecraft metaverse on WAX blockchain.

Care to learn more? Click the link below.

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Somnium Space CUBE Token is Live in Gemini

The native currency of the Somnium Space VR platform CUBE is now available for trading at Gemini. CUBE is an ERC-20 token used inside Somnium Space as a currency to buy and sell digital goods and claim gaming rewards.

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Even more, Somnium Space is hosting a Treasure Hunt with a total prize pool of $10,000. 

Double Jump.Tokyo And SEGA Partnership 

Double Jump.Tokyo, the company behind well-known blockchain games like My Crypto Heroes, announced a partnership with the gaming giant company SEGA. The first step of this cooperation is the creation of NFTs related to SEGA’s classic IPs.

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Arkane Network Enabled PYR Token Swap

PYR Token swap is now available on the Arkane Network wallet allowing users to swap ETH to PYR.

TOWER Listed on KuCoin And Upcoming NFT Sale

TOWER token is now available for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin with Tether and Bitcoin pairs. TOWER is an ERC-20 token that you can claim rewards at Crazy Kings (iOS) and Crazy Defense Heroes (Android and iOS) blockchain games by Animoca brands.

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In addition, the first official TOWER Chest sale begins on 12 May 2021, featuring ERC-20 fungible tokens that can be used to obtain three random TOWER Game Card NFTs based on Crazy Defense Heroes

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Chain Guardians Integrates Chainlink VRF

Blockchain game Chain Guardians integrates Chainlink VRF to ensure a provably fair chance for all players about unique color aesthetics for the newly released Chainlink Guardian NFTs.

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Blockchain Games Alliance Adds 3 New Members

Blockchain Game Alliance added three new members to its ecosystem.

Professional esports and entertainment organization Mazer Gaming.

DeFi, NFT, and Gaming platform GG DApp.

Blockchain-enabled gaming start-up with unique play to earn experiences Tripleogames.

Ibiza club Amnesia in Decentraland 

Decentral games bring a virtual club to the Decentraland Metaverse by partnering up with Amnesia Ibiza.  

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R-Planet Adds Upland And Announces a Land Sale

R-Planet adds Upland NFTs for staking and will host a land sale this coming Tuesday.

Dark Country Land Sale on The Flow Blockchain

The American Gothic style TCG will host a Land sale on Flow Blockchain in the upcoming days. Whitelisted users should have at least 7 $FLOW tokens in their wallets.

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Hasbro to Join The NFT Movement

Hasbro, the company behind the popular game Magic The Gathering has already setup a department that leads the blockchain movement of the company.