Uplift World: The Play To Earn Minecraft Metaverse You Want In.

Play to earn Minecraft Server, Uplift

What if I told you that there is a whole metaverse building on Minecraft? Not just a play to earn Minecraft server, but a huge community-owned virtual world where dozens of popular nft-based projects are building upon it?

Of course, im talking about the Uplift World, a play to earn Minecraft metaverse on the WAX blockchain with NFTs, tokenized transportation railways, and a vast open-world owned by the players.

Why Minecraft?

In 2009, Markus Persson created the “Cave Game,” an unusual survival game with crafting and resources gathering. Then Cave Game evolved into what we call today Minecraft, which Microsoft acquired in 2014 for $2.5 billion.

In May 2020, Minecraft had 126 million active players worldwide, and its legacy continues until today.  

Minecraft is more than a game. It’s a movement that accepts all ages; it unleashes creativity within you. Because of its enormous player base, I consider it the perfect way to introduce crypto and NFTs to regular gamers. 

While Uplift World seems to be the first Minecraft metaverse, many Minecraft crypto servers are in the race, with some of them on the Multiverse side, as Enjin has released an EnjinCraft plugin & a Java SDK specifically for Minecraft. 

Londom Landmark in Uplift Minecraft World.
Uplift World: The Play To Earn Minecraft Metaverse You Want In. 31

A Pixelated Play To Earn World

If you are over the mid-thirties, chances are you have a kid who loves Minecraft, who doesn’t anyway?

Uplift World offers the opportunity for players to be creative and get rewarded at the same time. 

The play-to-earn system in Uplift contains a WAX reward pool of 2 million tokens, funded through selling NFTs such as “Alpha NFTs” that reward holders with perpetual lifetime rewards. Think of them as MFTs. 

The pool will reward all contributors to the metaverse, including landowners, players, and creators.

So if you happen to hold any land, build something remarkable. If people come to your zone, you are more likely to get paid from the rewards pool.

Play to earn Minecraft? Yes please!

Another landmark in Uplift World
Uplift World: The Play To Earn Minecraft Metaverse You Want In. 32

Everything Sold Out

Here we have another Sold Out, like the ones we are used to in Blockchain Gaming.

I didn’t actually follow the sale rounds, but I believe the idea, combined with the known WAX projects onboard and the excitement generated, Uplift was able to sell big. 

Good stuff. Every virtual world needs good marketing, even if it’s in Minecraft.

From Land plots to railways and “early adopter nfts,” to collectibles, Uplift is thriving, and all is left is to open the gates.

The Uplift World Marketplace

The most expensive NFT in the Atomic Hub Marketplace is a Railplot token for 299,000 WAX ($78,367), but I guess this is overpriced for now. 

Uplift will have to release the server for the market to finds its actual prices.

On the other side, the cheapest land NFT will set you back 1639 WAX ($430).

The Big Uplift Family

Uplift Minecraft

Virtual Worlds need people to operate, and what’s the best way to fill it? By inviting other projects, of course, a perfectly working recipe if done right, and in this case, the WAX community jumped right in.

As you can see from the image above, some notable projects in the blockchain gaming ecosystem build gaming experiences in the Uplift World.

For Starters, Alien Worlds is in. That game hit 1 Million weekly players recently, making it the most playable blockchain game globally. 

Then you see WombatUplandKogs, Atomic Assets, Hodl God, R-Planet, Prospectors, and other known projects.

In time due, more projects will join the play to earn Minecraft metaverse.

Last But Not Least

Uplift World seems to get it, virtual worlds are a thing nowadays, and the Minecraft player base is huge. Exploring the vast map will bring rewards to your wallet. 

There will be dozens of monuments to explore on the grand opening day, incredible creations, lots of fun, and new friends to make. 

Another thing that made me happy to see is communications. The Uplift World has a presence on youtube with frequent live streams and community evolvement.

Even if you look at it from a business perspective, Rail owners could build amazing in-game creations with great exposure, as Rails will be used for transportation in the game.

One thing I’m not sure how will work is the servers. I’m guessing there will be a smooth-transitioning system in place where specific land plots would exist in specific servers, i can’t image a situation where 10k players are at the same place, with one server handling the load.

Whether you are a player or a creator, Uplift seems to have something for you, Play to Earn Minecraft sounds promising, so keep an eye out.

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