BGD #130: NFT & Play To Earn News – May 3-9 2021

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This week Alien Worlds continues to be the most played game in weekly active users, counting more than 899k. Upland follows with more than 68k while R-Planet sits in third place with more than 36k.

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BGD #130: NFT & Play To Earn News – May 3-9 2021 29

Matty, who goes under the Twitter handle “DCLBogger” has been a Decentraland Dinosaur and NFT supporter for years. Recently he introduced Metakeys, an NFT that grants various bonuses by holding it.

What to Play? Tournaments, Giveaways & Play-to-Earn Opportunities.

Play to earn opportunities to claim free crypto and NFTs during this period. From gaming rewards to giveaways that reward everyone, check out the hottest play to earn events.

The EFI Token Generation is Complete.

The EFI token generation is now complete with a total supply of 2 billion tokens. EFI tokens will provide liquidity, rewards, and governance on the Efinity network.

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Even more, JumpNet can now be integrated into WordPress, and every website owner can use it to sell NFTs.

Berserk Launches iOS and Android Versions with $100,000 Season Rewards.

The TCG of Vulcan Forged, Berserk, has released both Android and iOS versions. Players can compete with each other for $100,000 rewards in Season one, starting 15th of this month.

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Guild of Guardians Founders Sale & The Sandbox Partnership.

Guild of Guardians founder’s sale is coming closer and the game released more information. During the founder’s sale, users can obtain Guilds, Heroes available exclusive to the sale, and pets and energy boosters. Read More

In addition, the Guild of guardians partnered up with The Sandbox to bring NFT interoperability across two metaverses. More specifically, Guild of Guardians will release a limited number of NFTs that will exist in The Sandbox. Read More

Tron Game Center Rebrands to Pandemic Games and Moves to Enjin.

After operating for more than two years on the Tron network Tron Game Center rebrands to Pandemic Games and migrates all games to Enjin.

TGC is not the only game that moves away from TRON network which experiences high transaction fees.

Ethermon to Launch IDO Token Sale on Polkastarter

Ethermon’s upcoming IDO is coming to Polkastarter on May 18th, featuring 2 Million $EMON tokens at the price of $0.10 per token.

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Blockchain Game Alliance Adds AmplifyGames

Blockchain Games Alliance announced a new partnership with AmplifyGames, a Digital game distribution platform that offers blockchain-enabled solutions for promotion, sales, and management of video games.

TOWER Chest Sale Announced

The first official TOWER chest sale is coming on May 12th, 2021, featuring TOWER Chests that you can use to obtain random TOWER Game Card NFTs based on Crazy Defense Heroes.

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Trial of the Gods is Sold Out

Trial of the Gods chest and packs on Gods Unchained are officially sold out. Now, the only way to obtain these NFT cards is exclusive from other players in the immutable X marketplace and other decentralized exchanges such as OpenSea.

Visit on the immutable X

Record OpenSea Sale

Meebit #8598 sold this week for 420 ETH (~$1.4million), making it the most expensive NFT sale on the OpenSea platform.

Meebits are ERC-721 digital art NFTs created by Larva Labs, the company behind CryptoPunks.

Atari to Integrate Polygon

Atari will leverage Polygon’s layer 2 solution to increase the scalability of the Atari Token and NFTs by reducing the cost of Gas Fees.

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Travala Now Accepts MANA

MANA token, the currency of the Decentraland virtual world, is now available on the Travala platform. Players can use their tokens earned in the game to book hotels and other activities directly.

Nine Chronicles Blockchain Game Overview

An overview of the fully decentralized game, Nine Chronicles took play this week by

Care to know whats going on? Read the article below.

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Play-To-Earn is Live on HodlGod

The battle royal blockchain game HodlGod is now available, offering play to earn mechanics and in-game rewards. Players pick up NFTs and raffle tickets that must defend them from others as the only one rewarded is the last man standing.

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Axie Infinity Scholar Program

New Axie Infinity Scholarships by Yield Guild Games.

The Sandbox And Zepeto NFTs

The Sandbox announced a new partnership with Zepeto to launch NFT- based virtual worlds. Zepeto is the largest virtual world platform in Asia, with more than 200 million users.

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My Neighbor Alice Land Sale

The upcoming virtual word game released more information regarding the land sale.

Players have to stake a minimum of 20 ALICE tokens to participate in the raffle. The more staked tokens, the better the chances to get picked for the first land sale.

More sales will follow in the future. 

Find out how to participate.