Binance Unexpectedly Lists GALA Token

Binance lists Gala token

It’s a great day for the Gala ecosystem as Binance lists the $GALA token in its trading services.

Although this is huge news on its own, as reported by BitBender, President of the ecosystem, they had no idea about the listing.

Binance listed $GALA on its own and the gaming company didn’t pay a cent for the listing.

From the official Binance announcement, we read that the listing fee was 0 BNB.

This brings one more time credibility and recognition to the ecosystem as the world’s biggest exchange decides to list its native token.

The available trading pairs are:


Gala Games, founded by Eric Schiermeyer, co-founder of the Zynga company has achieved some great milestones in the past few months with new games joining and over 10,000 Active daily Miners.

Mining Gala tokens can be done by acquiring a license of the Gala node. At the current price of around 6 cents, a single miner would earn approximately 1000 tokens per day.

While this sounds tempting, with each license sold the price goes up, as a result, a single Gala Node costs around 12,800$ (3.963 ETH) at the moment.

One year ago, early adopters could get a license for around 1,000$.

The company aims to create its own Blockchain and contains some games that have generated high interest as well as millions in sales.

For example, Mirandus, an upcoming MMORPG powered by GALA has managed to sell all in-game assets, and currently, in the secondary market, prices have skyrocketed.

There are even Kingdoms sold in the form of NFTs that cost millions of dollars, all with the hope to run a virtual government that will collect taxes and empowers its citizens within the game.

The First Citadel was sold to Polyient Games for 800,000 while the second one doubled in price, $1.6 Million. and acquired by Flare Network.

The first game of the GALA ecosystem was Town Star, a farming simulator with a leaderboard and in-game NFTs. Town Star is a highly competitive game and players are getting rewarded based on their placement at the end of each weekly event.

Other upcoming games are:

  • Fortified: A tower defense game.
  • Echoes of Empire: Space-themed 4x strategy.
  • Spider Tank: Brawler/Moba.
  • Mirandus: Fantasy RPG. 

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