Blockchain Gaming Digest #26 26/1 – 2/2/2020

Play Now Brave Frontier Heroes & Join The Giveaway

Brave Frontier is a mobile game with over 38 million downloads and a world Guinness record for the most pixel art champions. Now the game launched on the Ethereum blockchain and is part of the MCH+ ecosystem. Don’t forget to join the giveaway.

Read More And Join The Giveaway Announced Telegram Integration

Enjin-Backed ERC1155 Tokens Can now be used to gamify telegram experience. Reewardio is working in a very interesting project of gamifying loyalty points and some great integration are coming including Youtube, Twitch and other popular mainstream platforms.

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Pathfinders Closed Beta Giveaway

Pathfinders Closed Beta Giveaway

Pathfinders closed beta is now available for Founders Token Holders. To celebrate the launch InFocus Games is hosting a Giveaway of ENJIN backed items. In addition, one lucky winner will receive a Founders Token.

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A Little Sneak Peek on The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a community-driven blockchain platform where players can create their own experiences, own land and play different games. If you feel creative, Sandbox provides the tool to make in-game assets!

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Tron Game Center to Release a New Game

TronGameCenter develops mobile games where you can earn different Tron tokens as a reward. The new game release is expected at 23.02.2020. The game is going to be an Arcade Racing Game where you can play single for a place in the ranking or Play against other players and win TGCT tokens that you can trade for TRX.

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Claim DropPods at Dissolution

Every item you purchase in the Dissolution store allows you to redeem a drop pod, which will give you a random item or skin! The item will then be added to your in-game inventory!

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Spells of Genesis To Launch Cards Sale on Ethereum

TCG blockchain game Spells of Genesis is going to integrate Ethereum blockchain and start a presale in mid-February.Also, they teamed up with the DappRadar team.

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Kingdom Karnage New Teaser 

The Multiverse blockchain game, Kingdom Karnage, released a new teaser.

Nole Legends

Nole Legends Dapp have reached 2800+ Beta Players. Congratulations to the team. Nole Legends focus on connecting charity with the blockchain through gaming.

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