Blockchain Gaming Digest March. 1-7/2021

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest March. 1-7/2021.

This week Upland is the most played game with more than 28,000 users. Galaxy Blocks follows with more than 15,500, while Alien Worlds comes in third place with more than 17,800. The fourth and the fifth place go to Splinterlands and Axie Infinity with 8,150 and 6,150 correspondingly.

In terms of volume, Sorare sits in first place with $6,5 million. NFT Box and CryptoKitties follow with $2,1 million and $2 million.

Tweet of the week
Blockchain Gaming Digest March. 1-7/2021 29

Tweet of the Week: Of course Enjin, it’s the news we have been waiting for years!

Efinity: Enjin’s Scaling Solution to Rule The NFT Industry

Enjin announced the release of Jump Net coming on April 6 and Efinity later in 2021 to provide a scaling solution that offers instant and free transactions to mint trade and use NFT’s. Efinity will become an interoperable blockchain that supports tokens from all blockchain networks.

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CGC|NFT Completed Successfully

With great talks and networking, another CGC has come to an end. The oldest NFT show was digital once again because of Corona Virus and the attendance was bigger than ever.

Find some of the talks on CGC Youtube channel.

Ubisoft to Build a Gaming Experience Using Sorare Cards

NFT based football fantasy game Sorare partnered up with Ubisoft to launch a free-to-play 5v5 Football game centered around the Jupiler Pro League Sorare cards called One-Shot League. To participate, visit One-Shot League and sign up with your Sorare account. The game features Sorare rare card rewards for top managers on the matchday leaderboard and the final season leaderboard.

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Gala Games to Release a New Game

Gala Games announced an NFT based tower defense game with Land implementation running on the Binance Smart Chain.

LABS Group to Release a Lifetime Real Estate Club Membership NFT

LABS Group to issue Membership NFTs with exclusive bonuses. The NFT Auction started  Saturday, March 6th at 8:00 AM UTC and ends on Thursday, March 11th at 4:00 PM UTC.

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Splinterlands And Brave Browser Tournaments

Splinterlands and Brave Browser announced a series of twelve upcoming BAT Tournaments. The event starts next week and will last until the first week of April, featuring approximately $5,000 worth of prizes in total. Three different league levels will be available Bronze, Gold, and Champion, and each one has a unique prize pool.

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The Sandbox to Launch NFT’s 

The Sandbox announced that NFT implementation is coming soon. Players will be able to use NFT’s to equip and customize their Avatars and participate in play to earn experiences. 

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Blockchain Cuties BCUG Private Sale is Completed

Blockchain Cuties completed the BCUG private sale, and the team is preparing for a public sale. BCUG is a Governance Token with profit for holders that will also work as the in-game currency.

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Aavegotchis Sold Out in Under One Minute

The DeFi crypto collectible game Aavegotchi released its first drop of NFT’s and sold out 10,000 pieces in under one minute.

Chain Monsters to Landguild on FLOW Next Month

MMORPG blockchain game Chainmonsters will launch on the FLOW blockchain next month and be available for everyone who holds the Alpha Access NFT.

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Guild of Guardians Presale

Guild of Guardians announced a pre-sale before the game’s launch, expected until early 2022. Guild of Guardians is a free to play team-based RPG mobile game that implements crafting, trading, and in-game use of NFT’s running on the Immutable X L2 technology.

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Soccer Manager Elite Added “Share Dilution” by “Vote”

While processing the game’s development, Soccer Manager Elite announced a new function that will be live in the next beta round. “Share Dilution” by “Vote” will allow Shareholders to vote for creating more shares to add them to the clubs’ balance. With this move, they can get their club out of debt. If the club is in debt at the end of the season, the top most rated player will be automatically auctioned on the Transfer Market. 

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