Crypto Poker? Vulcan Poker Beta Is Live

Vulcan Poker

Vulcan Forged has officially launched its P2E poker game, bringing excitement to NFT-minded Poker fans.

We could argue whether poker is gambling or not, but we can all agree that blockchain can revolutionize the sometimes, shady gambling industry.

Vulcan Poker is live in beta, and there are dozens of more things to implement or fix in its following updates.

Players earn dummy chips instead of XP that will be implemented in the next release. In addition to Texas Holdem, Vulcan Poker has also added Omaha.

There are some known issues the Vulcan team is prioritizing to fix and then refine the game. Connectivity issues and active-inactive bugs are some and the most important for now. 

What’s coming:

  1. Resolve Known Issues.
  2. Tournament additions.
  3. Profile Picture appearance in the game.

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a gaming studio and platform with a full suite of services, including a minting portal, a hot marketplace, and multiple play-to-earn tokens that use a dual token economy, PYR, and LAVA.

Vulcan Forged is the developer of VulcanVerse, the flagship MMORPG of its ecosystem which is expanding rapidly and offers 10,000 land plots that can be used for scholarships and upgraded to become node validators for the upcoming Metaverse Elysium blockchain.

The VF ecosystem is leaving behind the recent hack that cost them $4,5 Million in $PYR tokens due to a server exploit. It’s worth mentioning that everyone who lost assets from the hack was compensated 100%.

They recently launched Phalanx, a minting engine for limited edition Phalanx NFTs with over ten clans, each containing about 100 Legendary NFTs out of 10,000 in total. You learn more here.

In addition, VF is developing an SDK that will allow all kinds of games to join the ecosystem and enable a play-to-earn economy using the secondary token $LAVA.