Drive Your War Ride! Test Drives Available in War Riders

It’s still hot in the Wastelands and Vlad Kartashov and his company, Cartified are keeping the Engines on! War Riders Test Drives are now available for all premium vehicle owners.

The long-anticipated Blockchain Game War Riders provides to all the premium vehicle owners the chance to take a first taste of the Wasteland.

War Riders is part of our Blockchain Games List. Check it out and find your next crypto games to play.

Are you a premium vehicle owner? Enter now the Wasteland to test drive your vehicles, fire with test weapons, and take a first look of the controls and the graphics of the game.

Premium vehicle pre-sale is still live so anyone that doesn’t own a premium vehicle yet but wants to purchase one and enter the test Wasteland there is still an opportunity to do so.

Buy now a Premium Vehicle

Have you seen the War Riders Trailer?

The test drive competition is about to begin

The test drive competition is going to be announced in the next week. Secret items are hidden in the test Wasteland visible only to certain vehicles. Participants will have to find the items before anybody else and post a screenshot at the War Riders Discord group as a proof. Drive all of your vehicles for a better chance to find a secret item and win a prize. Stay tuned for the competition announcement.

War Riders Battle Cars
War Riders Battle Cars available during the pre-sale period.

Vote now for the War Riders Logo Contest

Feel free to express your opinion about your favorite design by voting at the Logo Contest for the one that you like the most among those that have been selected.

To test the game you will need to download the installer from the War Riders website, if you have already installed the game, follow the steps below.

After you delete the existing game folder, download the new WR Launcher and give it the necessary time needed to be installed. From now on subsequent releases will be downloaded significantly faster and all the updates will be delivered to you automatically without the need of downloading new versions again.

Click here to download

About WarRiders Blockchain Game

WarRiders is an MMO Strategy blockchain Game where players can blow up cars rob other players and mine BZN Tokens.

Benzene [BNZ] is an ERC 20 token and it serves as the in-game economy. 

BZN Token is the in-game currency but there is not a way to buy some. The only way to earn BZN Tokens is by mining them in the game by driving through waypoints and trying, of course, to avoid to be robbed.

BZN has a finite supply and a unique “burning” mechanism enforced by a smart contract.

As we have already expected, in the trailer we see vehicles in a post-apocalyptic world firing weapons at each other to steal the BZN loot. Players who steal the enemy must safely return to the base otherwise they are exposed to getting robbed and losing the loot. BZN won’t be transferred to your wallet unless you return to your base with it.

Do you have what it takes to survive in the Wasteland? Mine or Die.

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