Efinity Secures The Parachain, Vulcan Forged Limited Edition Minting & More News BGD:163

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Let’s start with the most popular games this week. Data are for the past 7 days.

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Efinity Secures The Parachain

By securing the 6th slot at Polkadots Parachain Auctions, Enjin is destined for great things. Over $214M in funds were used for Efinity to ensure the Parachain that will be used for Enjin’s NFT Highway with cheaper and faster transactions than Ethereum.

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Vulcan Forged Phalanx Overview

Vulcan Forged announced that they will launch a limited edition minting NFT engine called Phalanx. A minting engine where you can create Limited Edition NFTs used in various ways and having multiple benefits.

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Discord Hacking: Gods Unchained Server is The Latest Victim

Gods Unchained is the latest victim of hackers gaining access to their Discord Server and scamming Community members. You can see the method used to exploit the server in the full article.

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Pixelglyphs, a set of 10,000 random NFT Avatars, will use Chainlink VRF for its randomness and reliability to ensure the smooth flow of the upcoming game Invaders!.

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Rising Force Online MMORPG Revives To Add Play-To-Earn Economy

RF Online is an old-school Korean MMORPG resurrected for Play-To-Earn, launching a new server where players can earn through playing.

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MyCryptoHeroes To Distribute $RAYS

MyCryptoHeroes new Update will showcase and distribute the new Token $RAYS to increase awareness and attract new players to participate in the game.

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Team Vitality Reveals Tezos as Main Technical Partner

Global E-Sports Team Vitality partners with Tezos Blockchain, showing the quick adoption of Blockchain into our lives. A vast and historic Long-Term Partnership.

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