Enjin X & Internal Exchange For Enjin Wallet Coming Soon

Enjin X the Enjin Coin blockchain explorer
Enjin X the Enjin Coin blockchain explorer

The Enjin Coin Blockchain Explorer will soon be available for all users.

With a tweet, Enjin is preparing the ground and spreading the word around X which is going to be an ad-free platform.

Multiverse gamers and ENJ Holders will be able to search for their transactions, coins and other data in a fast and convenient way.

There is also a link on Product Hunt, while the product isn’t live yet, you can subscribe using your email and be the first to know when it’s released.

Enjin X release will be an important milestone for the Enjin Ecosystem. With 29 Multiverse games announced and thousands of users, everyone can understand the importance of an ENJ blockchain explorer.

Enjin X wallet ads
A Funny image shared by Enjin on Twitter. No-Ads 🙂

Exchange Coins & Tokens Within Enjin Wallet

In addition to the Enjin X release, Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin Coin shared a tweet where he announced an important update for the Enjin Wallet.

The developers of Enjin Wallet are going to implement a native exchange system within the wallet where users will be able to exchange coins and tokens without the use of a third party exchange platform. (Such as binance)

This possibility will be powered by Enjin’s Exchange partners such as Bancor Network, Changelly and Kyber Network.

Enjin smart wallet is the wallet for multiverse games
Enjin Smart Wallet – The most secured Cryptocurrency Wallet

Enjin Wallet is one of the most secured cryptocurrency wallets with over 100,000 downloads. Rated with 4,5 Stars out of 5 by 2.412 users, it’s definitely the most popular way to hold a cryptocurrency portfolio.

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