Freestyle Legend Harry Mack to Perform Tonight At the Vulcan Forged Discord Server

Harry Mack is famous for his visual freestyle rapping.
Freestyle Legend Harry Mack to Perform Tonight At the Vulcan Forged Discord Server

Vulcan Forged, a leading NFT marketplace, game studio, and ecosystem, shared with us this morning (11/18) a groundbreaking message that will see Harry Mack, a well-known American freestyler, perform at the Vulcan Forged discord server

The scheduled show will take place at the Vulcan Forged’s discord server at 2 PM PT or 10 AM GMT. The artist will put on a Vulcan Forged-themed freestyle show with a Greco-Roman style lasting for about 20 minutes after his introduction to the VF family and community.

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Harry Mack is a multi-talented freestyler rapper with over 2m YouTube subscribers and a total of 173,600.000 views. He is best known for his unique rapping style, influenced by his background in jazz drumming.

Harry became famous with his Venice Beach Freestyle five years ago, earning him much respect and some wild reactions to his jaw-dropping performance. Then the rest became history.

Harry Mack’s Freestyle Performance on Venice Beach, Neighborhood in Los Angeles, California

Jamie Thomson, the CEO of Vulcan Forged, made some notes regarding tonight’s performance, suggesting everyone to turn on their camera. He said“Once Harry is introduced, he will take over from there for the remainder of the show. Please make sure that the audience is encouraged to have their cameras on Harry is looking forward to it! Forge on!”

Additionally, the link will be shared two hours before the freestyle show begins. See you all there!

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