How to Send Splinterlands Packs & Cards

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Today we announced the winners of our latest Splinterlands Giveaway, we are about to send the prizes to the winners and it’s the perfect opportunity to write a guide on how to send your Splinterlands packs & cards to a friend, or another account of yours.

Splinterlands has 3,900 active players the past 24 hours making it one of the most popular blockchain games available. It’s a fully decentralized, trading card game built on the Steem blockchain with WAX integration coming soon. Splinterlands has awarded more than 100,000$ in tournaments and the secondary market has generated more than 1 Million USD in sales.

Understanding Steem Addresses

The process is very easy. You need first to understand how Steem usernames work. Instead of the typical Ethereum blockchain addresses which looks like this “0x96080155dD976e97305fa2aEa96834A03ABDA358″, Steem uses a username. In our case, our Splinterlands account (and Steem username) is called “MAKOGR4”.

Your Steem username is the one you use to log in, you can locate it in the upper right corner in Splinterlands.

Splinterlands username steem 1

How to send Splinterlands Cards

To send a Splinterlands card to a friend, or to another account, you first have to go to the “Cards” section located in the main menu. It’s the fifth clickable element from left to right.

Splinterlands cards collection how to send splinterlands cards and packs

The next thing you have to do is click the card you would like to gift. For this demonstration, we will send the “Mushroom Steer” card to “ninjascott”, one of the winners in our recent giveaway.

Select the card from the list by clicking the box and then click the “Send Cards” button.

Splinterlands how to send card and packs to friends steem blockchain mushroom seer

Then you have to type your friends Steem username just like the image below.

how to send splinterlands cards to friends and other wallets

Congratulations, you have now sent a card to a friend!

How to send Card Packs

You can easily send card packs to friends with a few clicks. Sending packs is a great gift for TCG lovers as they contain five random cards and there are chances to get a super rare card!

Let’s assume you have bought a card pack from Splinterlands, go to the “Open” button, located on the main menu. Then you will see the available card packs. Notice three little dots next to the pack icon? Click it.

how to send splinterlands packs

You have three options now. Open packs, Transfer a pack to a Splinterlands player and “Tokenize” which will move your pack to the blockchain through Steem-Engine.

If you are sending a card to another Splinterlands player, click “Transfer”, if you would like to send it to a Steem wallet, then click tokenize and head to Steem-Engine to send the pack through their interface.

After clicking “Transfer” you will be asked to enter the player’s username. Then click “Transfer to player” and your are good to go!

send splinterlands packs to other players

Tokenizing Packs

By Tokenizing packs, you convert the pack to a token ready to be traded. Why Tokenizing? To trade packs in decentralized exchanges or sending them to someone who is not on Splinterlands.

To tokenize, you need to click the “Tokenize” button and confirm the pop-up notice.

Splinterlands tokenizing cards steem engine

After that, the pack will be tokenized and available in your Steem Wallet. To access it, head over to Steem-Engine website, log-in with your steem username and private posting key and click “Wallet” located in the main menu.

steem engine transfer splinterlands packs

On your right corner, you will notice four icons. The first one gives you information about the token, the second one allows you to sell it in the Steem Engine Marketplace, the third allows you to transfer it to someone else or back to the game if you send it to @steemmonsters. The fourth shows the token history.


We hope you liked our tutorial on how to send Splinterlands Cards.

See you in the arena warriors!

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