Introducing Founders Badge – Our First Blockchain Asset & A Multiverse Giveaway

Introducing Founders Badge

We are pleased to Introducing Founders Badge, our very first blockchain asset, and what’s a better way to celebrate than hosting a party a giveaway of 50 Founders Badges and 50 Aeonclipse Keys? (Giveaway ended scroll to the bottom for more information, prizes distributed).

Founders Badge - The first ever minted Badge for blockchain gamers by using Enjins Blockchain Technology.
Founders Badge – The first ever minted Badge for blockchain gamers by using Enjins Blockchain Technology.

Since our first article, four months ago, the blockchain gaming community has grown so much that every single day, there is some great news, a new blockchain game to play, and a Founders Badge to be proud of.

Wait, Founders Badge?

We wanted to leave something behind – not that we are going elsewhere – but a legacy is something we believe in.

Since most of our readers are blockchain gamers, we all probably agree that cryptocurrencies, and the technology behind them, blockchain, are the future of the global economy. The only way a decentralized governance system could ever operate, and (r)evolution society, a better way to do things, which also applies in gaming.

Imagine you were one of the very first people who got involved with cryptocurrencies. This could be a story your grandchildren would love to hear.

Just like that, we are now living in the blockchain gaming era, if you are a blockchain gamer, you are that guy, the first of the first, with a fascinating story to tell when you grow up, more. Blockchain technology is changing the gaming industry, and you are here from the very early days.

Introducing Founders Badge

The Founders Badge within the Enjin's Smart Wallet.
The Founders Badge token within the Enjin’s Smart Wallet.

The Enjin Team minted our very first collectible blockchain asset, the leading force in the blockchain gaming industry, using the technology behind the “Mint Shop platform, world’s first automated token generation service.”

The Founders Badge represents the first wave of blockchain gamers. By the years, we will call our selfs blockchain gaming veterans. Founders Badge will remind us that we were the frontiers of great evolution, shaping a better tomorrow.

The Founders Badge, at its core, utilizes the ERC-1155 Standard developed from Enjin Coin with a total supply of 150 tokens.

Owners of the token will be able to join the Founders Badge Group to discuss and exchange constructive ideas. From times to times, we will host giveaways for the Founders Badge Group members and offer various benefits, whenever that possible, like in-game discountsfree items, and more.

Giving away or Melting your Founders Badge revokes group access.

We are planning to distribute 100 Founders Badges through giveaways and future contests, while we keep the rest 50 tokens for our friends and partners, those who are always here, in each step we take.

Founders Badge can be stored and accessed in the Enjin’s Smart Wallet, the most advanced wallet for blockchain gamers and Cryptocurrency holders.

Aeonclipse Key  is the first multiverse key with the ability to unlock various chests in the majority of Multiverse games. Owners of the Aeonclipse can jump from game to game and claim prizes with a single key. Check the Multiverse Games List.

“Introducing Founders Badge” Completed Giveaway Content Below.

In total, we are giving away 100 blockchain assets. Participants have a 50% chance to win either a Founders Badge or an Aeonclipse Key.

You will receive a QR Code via the Blockchain Gamer NewsletterThe first 100 to scan it will win! Expect newsletter on November 26, 00:30 UTCClick here to find your local time.

The Enjin Beam Technology powers our giveaway.

You will receive an email once in a while, all about blockchain gaming. We hate spam as much as you do.

To scan the QR Code, participants must have Enjin Smart Wallet installed.