Makerverse, The Robotic Engineering Simulator & Marketplace Powered by Enjin Coin

Makerverse to Adopt Enjin’s Blockchain Platform for Robotic Engineering Simulator and Marketplace

Enjin family is growing exponentially and expands into Robotics with the upcoming engineering system named Makerverse. Under development by the Blockchain Robotics Engineering Consortium (BREC), Makerverse will utilize Enjin’s advanced blockchain technology by integrating the ERC-1155 token standard into the platform. As a result, users will be able to tokenize their intellectual property and place their robots and parts on Enjin’s blockchain.

By offering an incubated environment, engineers, gamers and hobbyists will have the ability to experience the robotic evolution with access to the market as soon as the prototype is developed. Moreover, Makerverse will offer Virtual 3D engineering and a simulation space.

Engineers and inventors can and will protect their creations using the secure and transparent Enjin Blockchain from the Makerverse’s marketplace. By purchasing the IP (similar to license) from the p2p marketplace, users will only have to drop it into their workshop and start using it.

In the Makerverse ecosystem, the feature-rich virtual collaborative engineering workshop is going to offer endless possibilities for all the engineers and a multiplayer game similar to Star Citizen will fulfill the needs of even the most hardcore gamers.

The creations can be sold in the marketplace and gamers can assemble their robots by purchasing tokenized parts which they can safely store in the Enjin Wallet, the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency wallet.

Makerverse opens the gates of automated robotics to everyone regardless of their knowledge skill with a revolutionary concept of engineering at the fraction of the cost and significantly reduced risks.

The automated robotics revolution has the potential to change our lives and society in infinite positive ways, but for many, robots can be threatening,” said Makerverse Founder Patrick Mockridge. “Our goal is to encourage fearless utilization of robots, enable informed conversations and decision-making regarding the technology, and lower the barrier to entry for creators. Enjin is really well-suited for this task, and we’re excited to work with them to create a modern-day decentralized IKEA of open-source engineering IP.”

Aiming to reinvent the industries’ economic incentives and organizational models, this particular project can revolutionize the robotics industry. One of the BREC’s goal is to bridge the economic incentive gap of robotics engineering within the incumbent industry verticals of major companies and the military business. In addition, BREC is looking to build an open-source robotics and software engineering community providing a direct route to the market.

Loic Sauce, Assistant Professor of Economics at ISTEC in Paris, France is intrigued by the economic implications of Makerverse. “The most interesting aspect of the project is how Makerverse can assist in lowering the barriers to entry for engineering knowledge creation, which is a key fundamental driver of economic growth,” said Sauce.

The famous John Sokol, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence pioneer said:

“I know better than anyone how challenging it can be creating new commercial robotics ventures. Even living in Silicon Valley with over 30 years of knowledge and experience, I am still limited by the few venture capital firms and viable commercial routes, which have not changed significantly since the 1980s,”.

“Likewise in education, children desperately need access to tools that will prepare them for the technological realities of the future,” Sokol continued. “A concept like Makerverse would not only help me to unleash my dreams, but also level the playing field globally, creating a digital robotics education and incubation space for experts, non-experts, adults, and children alike—and giving them the power to learn and go out and create great products that solve real problems in their lives, communities, and industries.”

Makerverse does not just stop there, in addition to the announced features they will also integrate an auditable training and competency validation service for the Makerverse engineers as well as a crypto accounting system. This system will provide real-time data from the blockchain offering complete transparency.

The developers are building Makerverse using Unity Engine, the world’s largest game development platform—which is also an Enjin partner. Enjin’s blockchain SDK provides all the necessary tools game studios and developers need to integrate blockchain technology with ease while focusing on what it matters the most, their game. The SDK is going to be available to 4.5 Million developers who will be able to easily mint ERC-1155 tokens (items) and manage advanced gameplay mechanics through transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

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